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Sony Spressa CRX160E-A1 Reviews

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Neoseeker 80% Dec 14 '00  --- Jan 22 '01  --- Feb 15 '01
Smart Computing  --- Jan 01 '01
Storage Review  --- Nov 22 '00
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Sony Spressa CRX160E-A1 Review Digit-Life -- Aug 13 '01

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Quoted from Sony Spressa CRX160E-A1 Reviews:
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"Many times I have read reviews done by websites where they have not posted their system specs. I am posting my test computers specs so that you can see what kind of results you may get from a comparable computer setup. This computer is used only for testing hardware and probably will not change for quite a while. This way all tests done by me can be compared reliably."
"The test machine used was an ABIT BE6-II board, with an Intel P3 600e relying on 396 megs of PC100 ram. Burners were each hung independently from the ATA-33 controller with DMA enabled on both drives. The CD Reader used for Disc-To-Disc copy operations was a Memorex CD-482E 48X drive."
"For our test machine we used an Asus P3V133 running an Intel FC-PGA 566 Celeron CPU. It was equipped with 128 Megs of Micron memory and an IBM Deskstar 20 gig hard drive (in DMA mode). We ran CDTACH 98 and Sandra 2000 for our Read only marks then used three different write tests since there are actually three different tasks most people will perform with a CD-RW drive."
"The drive’s average data transfer rate is 2,281KBps (kilobytes per second). This equals a drive rating of 15.1X, which is just less than half of the maximum 32X drive rating. The average drive rating is almost always half of the maximum drive rating, although most CD-RW drives we reviewed lately are slightly above the halfway mark."
"In this review, we'll take a look at the professional ATAPI unit (CRX160E). Featuring 12X writes, 8X rewrites, and 32X max reads, the CRX160E on paper matches up well with today's top burners excepting only the rewrite category, where the competition has reached 10X. "

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