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About the Product

This 64MB DDR SDRAM reference card from SiS features the 0.13 micron Xabre 600 GPU. It has "Pro8x8" (AGP 8X and DirectX 8.1) support, memory bandwidth of 2.1GB/second, 300 core/memory clock speed, 2048 x 1536 max resolution (32 bpp), and TV Out connector.


SiS Xabre600 64MB Reviews Rating: 80 out of 100 based on 1 rating.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Digital Daily  --- Dec 01 '02
Hardware Zone 4/5 Jan 02 '03
iXBT Hardware  --- Dec 13 '02
Lost Circuits  --- Nov 26 '02
myWORLD Hardware  --- Jan 16 '03
PC Stats 82% Nov 26 '02
Tech Report  --- Nov 26 '02
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SiS Xabre600 64MB Review X-bit labs -- Mar 22 '03

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Digital Daily on Dec 02 '02

"The good performance coupled with the low price gives every reason to believe that Xabre 600 may be a real contender to nVidia's and ATi's budget solutions."

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Hardware Zone on Jan 03 '03

"The SiS Xabre 600 had a unique mix of performance that we have not encountered thus far in other graphics cards."

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iXBT Hardware on Dec 13 '02

"Success of this product will entirely be determined by its price. Whether it's going to be popular or not depends on the policy of SIS and its partners. Also remember that the Xabre 600 has much..."

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Lost Circuits on Nov 26 '02

"Until the necessary improvements have been accomplished, the Xabre600 will have to be extremely cheap to find its fan club, that is, the retail price will have to drop below $100 to even have a..."

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PC Stats on Nov 26 '02

"The SiS Xabre600 is a great mainstream 8XAGP videocard that has a ton of potential for the budget-minded gamer."

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