Samsung SyncMaster 955DF Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.8/10

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Samsung SyncMaster 955DF Reviews

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Neoseeker 81% May 08 '01
Dan's Data  --- Jul 19 '01 8.25/10 Apr 19 '02
I am not a  --- May 14 '02
The-Ctrl-Alt-Del 5/5 Feb 27 '01
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Quoted from Samsung SyncMaster 955DF Reviews:
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"In reality, for the resolutions the 955DF is meant to handle, it doesn't matter whether you use a pack-in video lead or a fancy after-market one, assuming you don't need a long cable run. The built in cable gives results as good as any other could, in and around 1280 by 960, which is this monitor's best resolution."
"The 955DF is a decent monitor that performs well in most categories for its price range. It excelled in sharpness and focus. Graphics professional and gamers with keen eye and discriminating tastes might want to pass on the 955DF. It is a well-made, low cost 19 inch monitor suitable for the average consumer using it for day-to-day windows applications and gaming."
"All in all this is a very impressive monitor and I highly recommend it. This is a great cost effective flat screen option. If your budget is calling for a traditional curved CRT monitor then this is the monitor for you."
"Overall, the monitor performs quite admirably for this price range. In spite of the few flaws we do find, you will notice little problems when using the monitor for day to day windows applications or in gaming. If you are a discriminating gamer with a keen eye for detail and colour quality, you’ll probably want to pass on this monitor."
"There's definitely lots of value in this monitor and I recommend it. If you are still using a 14" or 15" monitor (you poor soul, we pity you), you might want to consider jumping the 17" stage and going straight for a 19". If you're using a 17", you can consider this kind of upgrade sortof a luxury, but you won't regret it!"

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