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This 19" monitor with 18" viewable area has .20mm dot pitch, DynaFlat IFT, and an optional USB hub. It's capable of 1600 x 1200@ 65Hz maximum resolution, but has a recommended resolution of 1280 x 1024@ 75Hz. It has 30-85 KHz H-scan range, and 50-160 Hz V-scan range.

In my view Samsung used to make very good monitors. Almost all of my experience has...


I've only had this monitor for couple of days before returning it to the store....


Beautiful monitor at a spectacular price.. For higher end applications you may want to...


I got this monitor from www.techonweb.com (who I also highly recommend) for $240 + $40...


Overall, I'm impressed with this monitor. It's priced right, can display pretty high...

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