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Philips Acoustic Edge review
Great Soundcard To Own!

The good:

Great sound, Great packaging and EAX!

The bad:

Installation didn't go as smooth as everyone else's.


System: Win98SE
Videocard: V3 3000
CPU: AMDK6 @400Mhz
RAM: 94Mb
ETC: Sony CDR-W,15" monitor and cheap 4 piece speakers

Well just by looking at the box you can tell there's treasure inside. Very profesional packaging. The installation went smooth besides the fact that my joystick properties panel would freeze my cpu. I hate my onboard soundcard it likes to haunt me.If this ever happens to you look at the resources for the joystick port your previous soundcard used. I switched them and it stopped the freezing.
The performance on this card totally blew my Ess solo-1 onboard sound. I get really great midi playback with the yamaha midi sythesis driver. I can now hear instruments were not present before. The Yamaha control panel is very fun to fiddle with if your into midis. It has all sorts of acoustic effects like echo and sorround just to name a few. Plus you can change the way the whole midi sounds by replacing instruments with a whole new set of different instruments.
Mp3 playback is great on my winamp! I can now have reverb effects on my mp3's. Qxpander makes certain mp3s sound totally different than what I heard before I ot the card. I like the Treble and Bass control since my speakers don't let you setup those settings.
EAX works really well in this card. All the other cards that I had really sucked at it especially the MX400, which woud give you the underwaterwish type sound with no drivers to remedy the problem. I play Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear and the EAX was superb I now know how close a person is to me and I know in what direction they are comming at me from thanks to the EDGE!
In summary BUY THIS CARD nuff said...

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