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OCZ Monster II Reviews

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ipKonfig.com 10/10 Apr 09 '01
LittleWhiteDog.com  --- Jan 27 '01
Taconuts  --- May 23 '01
Tweak Town 8/10 Apr 27 '01
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OCZ Monster II Roundups and Shootouts

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OCZ Monster II Previews

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Quoted from OCZ Monster II Reviews:
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"The OCZ Monster ][ Copper Base is equipped with a power supply connection, rather than through your motherboard. In certain cases this is a plus for staying away from drawing to much power from the motherboard. In fact, the power cord is pretty long for those hard to reach spots."
"I used Sandra 2001 Standard and Asus's PC Probe version 2.12.03 to measure these temps since both of these apps use the motherboard's BIOS to get their results. I was going to also use Motherboard Monitor 5, but I don't really feel like beating a dead horse since it uses the same info. Moving on... full load temps were taken after running SETI CMD line version 3.0 for 2 hours and idle temps were taken 2 hours of idle time."
"We did do a little overclocking with the OCZ Monster II and got our Duron 700MHz to 950MHz on an AOpen board without a hiccup. We have not put the PEP66T or GlobalWin WBK38 on that processor yet to see what they would yield overclocking wise."
"The OCZ Monster 2 HSF is a good performing unit that meets the demands that are expected of it. It keeps the processor running smooth so that you can try to keep getting more out of it. Even though it performed nearly equally to its younger sibling, it is still a solid performer that will meet your needs when it comes time to push your system to the limits."