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About the Product

The OCZ Performance PC-3200 CL2.5 is a stick of DDR SDRAM, capable of running CL2.5 at a minimum of 400MHz system bus speeds (200MHz FSB).


OCZ DDR PC3200 Memory Reviews Rating: 93 out of 100 based on 2 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Dan's Data  --- Aug 21 '02
Hardware Pub  --- Mar 25 '02
I am not a Geek.com  --- Apr 03 '02
Icrontic 4.5/5 Nov 13 '02
Tech Zone 9.5/10 Jan 19 '03
VIAHardware  --- Mar 31 '02
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Dan's Data on Aug 21 '02

"If this stuff were twice as expensive as regular RAM, it'd be a lousy product. But it only costs slightly more. So why not? Recommended."

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Hardware Pub on Apr 18 '02

"The overall performance, quality and specifications of this ram are excellent. So far I have not run into any problem what so ever with the ram."

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I am not a Geek.com on Apr 04 '02

"...if you go ahead and purchase some DDR 400 chances are pretty good you won't be able to use it to its full potential on your current system. But if you are looking to do some extreme FSB..."

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Icrontic on Nov 13 '02

"The performance speaks for itself. Going well beyond its rated speed of 200MHz to 217MHz, and doing so without a great deal of difficulty, this stick of RAM proves its worth. If you’re looking for..."

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Tech Zone on Jan 21 '03

"Amazing performance."

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