OCZ Glacier 2 Pro Reviews

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OCZ Glacier 2 Reviews

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Gideon Tech  --- May 16 '01
Hardware OC  --- Apr 02 '01
The-Ctrl-Alt-Del 5/5 Apr 03 '01
Tweak Town 8.5/10 Apr 11 '01
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OCZ Glacier 2 Previews

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Quoted from OCZ Glacier 2 Reviews:
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"For our tests, we recorded the temperature of the cpu at idle and at full load. Full load consists of running Distributed.net's RC5 and MadOnion's 3D Mark 2001 Benchmark programs. We pitted the Glacier 2 against OCZ's own Monster 3 Cooler and our trusted Global Win FKP32."
"In regards to its size, it performed surprisingly well compared to other budget HSF's seen here. These temperatures were taken with the processor not overclocked. Although the temperatures may be way off from what you will actually find, in comparison to other heatsinks they are accurate."
"The Glacier II has a much quieter fan than the Delta fan the Monster II uses. Because the Glacier II runs off the power supply, I couldn't see at exactly what speed the fan was running, but I'm positive that the stated 36CFM is meet!!!"
"Overall, I was very happy with the performance of this unit. It's not the best available, but it does a very good job at its assigned task¡Kkeeping the processor cool. If you're a hardcore overclocker and are trying to break that elusive 1.5GHz barrier with your T-Bird, then this is definitely not the HSF for you."