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About the Product

The NetPassage 16 Parallel Broadband Internet Router features 4 Fast Ethernet ports, built-in DHCP, NAT Firewall, and cable/DSL modem support. It connects up to 253 users and is firmware upgradeable.


Compex NetPassage 16 Reviews Rating: 88 out of 100 based on 5 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker 85% Apr 11 '02
Guru3D  --- Nov 13 '02
Hardware Analysis  --- Oct 29 '02
Hardware Masters 4/5 Oct 07 '02 3/3 Jan 27 '01
Hot Hardware 8/10 Feb 21 '02
Icrontic 72% Jun 03 '02
PC Review  --- Jul 12 '02
SubZeroTech 10/10 Oct 03 '02
Vibrant Logic 8/10 May 18 '02
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Compex NetPassage 16 Roundups and Shootouts

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Hardware Analysis on Oct 29 '02

"Compex’s NetPassage 16 and WL11A are both solid products that are easy to use, and perform as advertised. The NetPassage 16 may be a perfect fit for those just beginning a small network, and hoping..."

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Icrontic on Jun 03 '02

"The NP16 is a niche router. If you need something with features specific to the NP16, then it's great, but otherwise you're better off getting a competing product from someone such as Linksys."

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Neoseeker on Apr 16 '02

"...I think the NP16 is a safe product that will take a bit of tinkering, but in the end, will prove to be a good solid investment solution to your home/office network."

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PC Review on Jul 15 '02

"This is quite a niche product, and an ideal solution for SOHO VLANs. The product does come with a lot of good features, but the manual could explain them better (the manual was pretty big, but some..."

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SubZeroTech on Oct 07 '02

"...the NP16 does its job, and does it well. All the options that come with this unit are far superb to any access point I've seen to date. The redundancy and of course, the Pseudo VLAN technology..."

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