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About the Product

With the AMD Irongate/Viper chipset and integrated Creative CT5880 audio, this is the first K7 mobo that allows FSB and Vcore adjustments. It is equipped with 6PCI/1ISA/1AGP2X slots, 3 DIMM sockets and supports UDMA66 and PC100 SDRAM.


MSI K7Pro MS-6195 Reviews Rating: 79 out of 100 based on 8 ratings. 1 user review.

User Reviews

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MSI K7PRO MS-6195 9/10 Jacqaeous Sepuldenthe Jun 19, 2001
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Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Active Hardware  --- Apr 26 '00
Anandtech 7/10 Mar 19 '00
Athlonmb 5.5/10 May 06 '00
BoomGames 90% Mar 21 '00
Digital Web 3D  --- Mar 20 '00
Got Apex? 6/10 Mar 22 '00
Hardware Corner  --- Aug 12 '00
Hardware One  --- May 15 '00
Hardware Zone 5/5 Feb 25 '00
Lost Circuits  --- Feb 11 '00 4/5 May 02 '00
Overclockers Workbench  --- Jan 19 '00
PC Stats 81% Jun 02 '00 9/10 Feb 16 '00
System Optimization  --- Aug 09 '00
TBreak 8/10 Jan 29 '00
VTR Hardware (in French) 16.5/20 Mar 15 '00
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MSI K7Pro MS-6195 Roundups and Shootouts

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MSI K7Pro MS-6195 Review Anandtech -- Mar 27 '00

Anandtech on Mar 21 '00

"Their second attempt at an Athlon board? The K7Pro. The BXMaster was the last in MSI's i440BX line. Similarly, the K7Pro should be the last MSI Athlon board based on the AMD Irongate chipset and..."

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BoomGames on Mar 21 '00

"As you can see, it looks pretty spiffy.. rivaling the Asus K7M as probably the best of the Irongate-based boards specification wise. Unlike Asus, tho, Microstar chose to stay with the AMD 750..."

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Digital Web 3D on Mar 20 '00

"K7Pro is a great motherboard that will satisfy your K7 needs. If you are looking for the Athlon solution and just not ready to pay for KX133 based board, then K7Pro is alternative choice. It showed..."

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Got Apex? on Mar 23 '00

"While the K7 Pro has clearly set itself ahead of the other Irongate motherboards, I would not chose to put this board in my system as the next couple of months will bring a flood of newer and,..."

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Hardware One on May 16 '00

"In short, the K7 Pro is a decent performer in terms of benchmarks, generally rendering equal or slightly exceeding scores over the newer ABIT KA7. In addition, the ability to enable Super Bypass is..."

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