Lite On FS020 Mid/Full Tower Case

Lite On FS020 Mid/Full Tower Case


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Update - Price and one feature I left out


The price of this case has dropped approximately $60 over the year since I wrote my review below at the same website - so now you can grab it for less! One feature I discovered while reading one of the more recent reviews of this case is that the back of the case behind the powersupply has a little bit of room and little holes so you can run your cables behind the back of the case and keep the front a little cleaner of excess wire thus improving asthetics and airflow just that much more. With the new price tag and discovery of this new feature I'm boosting my original score ...


Awesome Case!

The good:

about 21' tall which makes it a large mid case or a small full
3 spaces for 120mm (ya heard me) fans!
4 5 1/4 bays
2 3 1/2 bays (4 more hidden)
smooth edges
drive rails
removeable drive cages
thumb screws
fairly attractive (appearance)
300W high quality psu comes with it
tons of space
user friendly (idiot proof)
Sturdy and has additional Stability bar - which is removable with the release of one screw.
Cool to the touch
Intake fan filter (dust stopper!)

The bad:

Everyone says this and its true, the front of the case is very hard to remove, I broke a small latch when I first removed it and since then it is much better=) I glued it back on but I purposely broke it off again lol=D
Top should be removeable without removing the front
Front fan cage won't fit 120x120x38 depth fans without modifications.
My case didn't come with instructions, will need to figure out some things, like how to remove the front or how to use drive rails were hardest parts for me
No motherboard sliding tray - I've never used one before but I thought they are a pretty cool idea, well to the people who want one, there isn't one.
Pricey for a case


This is one awesome case, it is exactly what I was looking for in a case. I was looking for a case thats not too big not too small (this one is 21inch tall which is a large mid/small full) with at least 4 5 1/4 bays and 2 exposed 3 1/2 so its unlikely you'll run of of space there. there are 2 more hidden 3 1/2 bays under the exposed ones and 2 more are placed above where the cpu would be on most motherboards. This is in front of one of the outtake 120mm fans for good cooling of harddrives if one were to be placed there (I do this with my 30 gig 75gxp @7200rpm). This brings me to...