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About the Product

The Jornada 720 uses the 32-bit StrongARM SA1110 processor running at 206MHz. It comes with 32MB of SDRAM at 51MHz. It uses the PocketPC OS, and comes with a 6.5" color LCD capable of 64k colors and a resolution of 640x240. It features a touchscreen and a 3/4 size keyboard. Comes with a built in 56k modem, a PC Card Type II card slot, a CompactFlash Type I card slot, and a Smart Card reader card slot. Has a RJ11 port, an IrDA, and a RS232C serial port. Measures 7.44x3.74x1.3" and weighs 1.1 lb.

If you want the best Handheld PC out there, this is it. It is basically a small...


My wife got me a Jornada 720 with extra 64mb flash memory last May. The unit just did...

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7.9 / 10