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About the Product

The Jornada 720 uses the 32-bit StrongARM SA1110 processor running at 206MHz. It comes with 32MB of SDRAM at 51MHz. It uses the PocketPC OS, and comes with a 6.5" color LCD capable of 64k colors and a resolution of 640x240. It features a touchscreen and a 3/4 size keyboard. Comes with a built in 56k modem, a PC Card Type II card slot, a CompactFlash Type I card slot, and a Smart Card reader card slot. Has a RJ11 port, an IrDA, and a RS232C serial port. Measures 7.44x3.74x1.3" and weighs 1.1 lb.


HP Jornada 720 PocketPC Reviews Rating: 74 out of 100 based on 1 rating. 2 user reviews.

User Reviews

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Great Device!!! 10/10 Matt Shea Aug 12, 2004
Jornada 720 over rated expensive lemon 2.2/10 Jebe Gayanelo Jun 27, 2001
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Overclocked Cafe  --- Nov 08 '00
PC Advisor  --- Dec 01 '00
PC Magazine Online 5/5 Oct 25 '00
Technoyard 95% Dec 11 '00
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PC Magazine UK Dec 01 '00
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Overclocked Cafe on

"This could be the coming of age for Windows CE. I have been a died in the wool Palm fan for a few years now, but that is starting to waver. The Palm is a great organizer and appointment book, but..."

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PC Advisor on

"The main processor is faster and, with 32MB standard memory, the unit feels much more responsive. There’s still a 56K modem, infrared port, separate Type I CompactFlash and Type II PC Card slots,..."

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PC Magazine Online on

"With the HP Jornada 720 Handheld PC, you get notebook functionality plus improved portability. When optimized with accessories and add-on software, its usability increases exponentially. Who said..."

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PC Magazine UK on

"The Media Player supports MP3 and WMA files, and is complemented by Play, Back and Forward buttons on the front edge of the keyboard. Sound quality is impressive when listened to throughheadphones...."

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Technoyard on

"Surely the Jornada 720 is a horrendous force to reckon with by any measure for any Handheld PC manufacture, be it Palm, Compaq, Casio or any other for that matter. I am perfectly satisfied with..."

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