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About the Product

The GlobalWIN VOS32 is designed for SECC PII/Athlons but can be converted to fit PIII SECC2 CPUs. This is a massive aluminum alloy 6063 heatsink with patented ventilation design and dual 26CFM, 4200RPM ball bearing fans that maintain a 36dBA noise level.


GlobalWIN VOS32 CPU Cooler Reviews Rating: 96 out of 100 based on 3 ratings. 1 user review.

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Kicks 10/10 velferdskiller Oct 20, 2000
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Meta Reviews

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Neoseeker 95% Aug 18 '00
Deeztech 5/5 May 14 '00
G3D  --- Aug 16 '00
Gideon Tech  --- Oct 01 '00
OverclockersOnline  --- Sep 18 '00
Planet Hardware affiliate  --- Nov 09 '00
Rizenet 4.5/5 Jan 26 '01
Tweak 3D 9.4/10 Feb 22 '00
UK Gamer  --- Apr 11 '00
Virtual Hideout  --- Nov 01 '00
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Gideon Tech on Oct 03 '00

"The VOS32 does a very good job of getting that PIII Cooled! Very on par with the other great Alpha cooler. The only item that may be of interest is that it needed .05 more volts to keep it stable..."

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Neoseeker on Aug 18 '00

"I would be more inclined to think that the two high-speed fans spiraling air downward is what helped more than anything. The more air the better is the rule I have always used –and I think that..."

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OverclockersOnline on Oct 17 '00

"The package came with the heatsink, the fans, all of the metal screws and stuff, as well as a pretty comprehensive manual. I had pretty much no trouble reading and understanding the thing, which is..."

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Tweak 3D on Feb 24 '00

"The VOS32 is huge, but it fit great on my board. It doesn't block a single DIMM on my board, but I believe it will block 1-2 DIMMs on most ABIT boards. My board just happens to have a ton of space..."

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