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About the Product

The CaseAce GearGrip CRT fits most monitors up to 21". It inludes a CableGrip to manage the loose cables and D-Rings for use with a shoulder strap.


CaseAce GearGrip CRT Reviews Rating: 89 out of 100 based on 5 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker 80% Jun 18 '01
BoomGames 98% May 26 '01
BurnOut Pc 8.5/10 May 04 '02
ClubOverclocker  --- Jun 04 '01
Hardware Daily 9.5/10 Aug 07 '01
Icrontic 70% Jul 03 '01
M:6  --- Oct 24 '01
Overclockers Club 8.5/10 Jun 04 '01
SubZeroTech 10/10 Feb 24 '02
Teched Out 8/10 Jan 27 '02
Virtual Hideout  --- Feb 10 '02
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BoomGames on May 28 '01

"Installation, like the GGP, is very straightforward. Basically you lay the monitor on it's side and slide the split strap around the monitor base stand. From there, it's just a matter of setting..."

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BurnOut Pc on May 06 '02

"I do find the installation to be a bit of a hassle, and doing it for the first time was a bit hard, but like I said after doing it a few times it went like a charm. This product can carry monitors..."

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ClubOverclocker on Jun 06 '01

"So does it work? Heck ya! I tried this baby out on my pride and joy, 19" monitor. I was easily able to tighten the straps down nice and snug. The GearGrip-CRT holds the monitor well at it's center..."

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Hardware Daily on Aug 07 '01

"I gave this device a try on a 17" Envision monitor that was kicking around, and short of being a complete idiot, no one should have much trouble getting it on. It quite easily attaches and..."

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Icrontic on Jul 03 '01

"In conclusion, the GGCRT is an excellent product. CaseAce put an enormous amount of engineering into it, and it's practically flawless execution. The idea, however, is the problem. I even thought..."

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