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About the Product

The CPUfx Core Active Heatsink is composed of a 3" cube of t6011 aluminum, which is 100% CNC machined surface. It has a dual mounting system that is compatible with AMD 462, Intel 370, P4, and socket 7. It comes with a copper shim.


CPUfx Core Active Heatsink Reviews Rating: 87 out of 100 based on 2 ratings. 1 user review.

User Reviews

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CPUFx Core 9/10 Jesusbot May 22, 2001
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Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
CPU Tweak 4/5 Feb 21 '01
Frosty Tech 81% May 28 '01
Hexus  --- Feb 17 '01
Icrontic 25% May 25 '01
tech-gods 9/10 May 15 '01
Virtual Hideout  --- May 22 '01
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CPU Tweak on

"After installation (This thing is huge) we started the benchmarking by running our flash Benchmark, which goes through a heavy graphic loop while calculating 20 digit integers. This gives us a..."

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Frosty Tech on

"The test results of the Core heatsink are less then favorable. For a heatsink which costs what this one does it should really offer a better performance level then it does. Even the might of the..."

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Hexus on

"To test this we installed it on a 1.2 Ghz DDR rig, this meant we were using the latest technology; we decided to compare it with a Hedgehog, and the standard alpha. We installed this on an AMD..."

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Icrontic on

"I was surprised by the CORE's performance. It does not perform nearly as well as I had imagined. Probably because it's all aluminum. Even with a 38CFM fan, it BARELY edges out the Copper Orb, which..."

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tech-gods on

"The test is fairly simple. I compared the Core to the Alpha PAL6035. Both coolers started at a case temperature of 78F. The system, featuring an Intel Pentium III 700e @ 933, ran for an hour at..."

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