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The 700MHz variant of the Athlon "Thunderbird" processor has a 128k L1 cache and a 256k on-die L2 cache. It is manufactured with a 0.18 micron process on a 120mm^2 die. It uses a 100MHz DDR system bus and a Slot-A or Socket-A interface.


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3d Hardware on

"The Slot A Thunderbird is a great chip if your building a new machine and don’t want to wait for the KT133 chipset. I don’t recommend you buy a Thunderbird if you are already running a high end..."

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AMD Power on

"Well, the Slot A thunderbird is certainly a viable upgrade solution for current Irongate chipset owners. Current prices for the 700mhz Slot A Thunderbird are as low as $154 with shipping on..."

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CPU Review on

"While AMD suggests that Slot A TBirds should only be used with AMD 750 and AMD 751 based motherboards (check with your motherboard manufacturer, you may need a newer BIOS) there have been many..."

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Dan's Data on

"Whether or not you're interested in overclocking - and, if you've got an older Athlon motherboard, you'll not be able to overclock significantly without buying extra gear and busting open your CPU..."

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GamePC on

"The Thunderbird Athlons are quite a bit faster as the original Athlons with off-die L2. As much as we hoped for? No. It seems the Thunderbird was another victim of the "over-hyped product" machine,..."

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  • Product Type: CPUs
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 12, 2000
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