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About the Product

The Asus K7M, based on the AMD751 Northbridge and VIA 686A Southbridge, is available in various configurations including a standard 5PCI/1ISA and a full blown 6PCI/0ISA slot design. Sports 3 DIMM slots, FSB frequencies up to 150Mhz and UDMA66 support.


Asus K7M Reviews Rating: 79 out of 100 based on 11 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3d Hardware B Apr 22 '00
AGN Hardware 9/10 Dec 16 '99
Anandtech 92/A Feb 01 '00
Ars Technica 4.5/5 Nov 15 '99
Athlon Overclocking 9.5/10 Mar 01 '00
BXBoards 4.5/5 Oct 07 '99
CTNews 8.9/10 Dec 11 '99
FPS3D 4.9/6 Nov 15 '99
GamePC  --- Oct 22 '99
Gamers Depot 5/6 Oct 27 '99
Got Apex? 7.5/10 Mar 28 '00
Hardware One  --- Nov 25 '99
Lost Circuits  --- Oct 14 '99
Overclocker's Australia  --- Oct 26 '99
Penstar Systems 90% Dec 08 '99
Power Gamerz 8.5/10 Feb 27 '00
Pure Hardware B+ Nov 22 '99
Riva Extreme  --- Feb 07 '00
System Optimization  --- Feb 16 '00
Tech Zone 8/10 Jan 30 '00
Techphiles  --- Aug 12 '00
The Insider  --- Oct 16 '99
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Asus K7M Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
Asus K7M Review Anandtech -- Mar 27 '00

3d Hardware on

"Sure, its not one of the new KX-133 boards. But it is a proven board, and has been out for over 6 months. There isn’t a KX-133 board out now that has proved to be a great board. The K7M isn’t a..."

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Anandtech on

"Manual core voltage adjustment is provided by a set of three 4-pin jumpers located awkwardly between the edge of the Slot-A connector and the AMR slot. While reaching these jumpers is definitely a..."

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Athlon Overclocking on

"A great feature of this board is the option to frequency overclock. And on the K7M it's easy to do via the AMIBIOS from speeds of 90mhz to 150mhz. The 1mHz increase from 100mhz to 125mhz is very..."

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FPS3D on

"After installing all the patches, everything was perfect at both 200Mhz and 220Mhz buses, so no worries for you "mission critical" job-holders. I can officially declare the K7M a perfectly stable..."

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Got Apex? on

"The newest revision of the K7M offers super bypass and oozes with stability. Though it is a bit more pricey then the popular K7Pro, I would not hesitate to makes this my Athlon's home if it..."

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