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Apple iPod review
iPod. Honestly. No wonder the younger generation no longer knows how to use Grammar.

The good:

Efficient, Sleek, Easy and Stylish.

The bad:

The distinctive white earbuds and size makes it an easily stolen item. It's now so light that you probably wouldn't notice it's gone. Unless you're on the other end of the buds, that it.

It has a low battery life as well, which can be quite annoying.


The easy to use iPod has become a byword for evolution. In the time before the millenium, (it seems like a different era) we used to listen to CD and Tape Walkmans. If we wanted a change, we would have to lug around a backpack full of them. Now, however, for something that is smaller, we can hold 400 CD's/Tapes worth (about 6000) of songs.

It's relatively cheap, and its versatility is amazing. you can play video's and movies (all be it on a 6"x4" screen), look at pictures, and listen to songs. You can also keep brief memo's in the Notes, the calendar has all your important dates on (after all, I used it to remember my dad's present last year), list your contacts, and keep full documents safe.

I use it as an external Hard Drive, an MP3, a portable Movie Player, and a mini PSP - after all, Parachute and Music Quiz is addictive!

A couple of things to look out for, though. The Earbuds are distinctive, and it is likely that a theif may look for these. They are very pinchable, as stated in the cons.

Also, the low-battery life is annoyuing. After all, watching 3 films back-to-back was quite annoying when it got to the final part of Lord of the Rings on a Long-haul flight, when the battery went. Be careful if you intend to be so stupid!

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