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Apple iPod review
i is for iPod

The good:

The Nano is sleek, small, and modern design along with great performance. Easy-to-use, iTunes is a great substitute for Windows Media Player.

It's probably the leading MP3 Player in the industry.

The bad:

Fragile, battery life somewhat short. No video compatibility (iPod Nano, but what can you expect?).


The Nano

The iPod Nano is truly a work of art, in my opinion. I only have a 1 GB iPod, and yet it is enough to fulfill my daily music needs. The Nano comes with headphones, a USB connector, a Dock Adapter, and a case (but if you want your iPod to last, or you just want to personalize it, I suggest you buy another). It also comes with a Quick Start Guide and a CD with iTunes in it.

What you have to do is just install the files on the CD to your computer, and just connect the iPod to your computer using the USB Connector. You can synchronize the iPod with iTunes, making it easy to upload and download files. You can add music, plus text files and photos. You can make playlists, with up to 1,000 songs at your disposal (that is, if you're using 4GB).

I love my black 1 GB iPod Nano. It's affordable, to me, and a smart solution if you don't have that much music, and are willing to delete a few files.

The iPod

The iPod itself is actually quite good, especially the fifth generation iPod video. You can view videos there, obviously, plus download a vast amount of songs into it, all of them at your disposal. Yes, photos can also be added. With up to 60GB of memory in a portable mp3 device, the possibilities are endless.

The Shuffle

I find the Shuffle quite intriguing. It's compact and simplistic design isn't all that great, but it's a great alternative to those who are low on money. You can shuffle songs, having a different playlist with just sliding a switch. Its lack of features makes me sad, though.

Verdict: Overall, the iPod family is still one of the top contenders in the mp3 player industry. Apple has outdone itself with them.

(hope I helped)

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