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Apple iPod review
Problems overwhelm features

The good:

Cool styling

The bad:

Buggy firmware, non-replaceable battery


I've had this thing for just over 7 months, and the battery life is already only half of what it was when I bought it. Apple chose styling over function - the battery is non-replaceable, and there seems to be a bug in the firmware that causes the "alarm" feature to turn itself on frequently, which results in music playing continously until it kills the battery. So often I leave it unplugged and come back to find it dead. Or if I leave it connected to the charger, I'll come back to find it playing continuously, sometimes for days. I have to check it constantly to make sure that the "alarm" feature has not turned itself on.[br][br]I paid $500 for this thing and at this rate it will be dead in a year. I could go on about the smooth lovely styling, the pretty blue and red illumination colors, the huge capacity, the ability to use it for computer file transfers, and the great sound, but as far as I'm concered that would be equivalent to "... other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?"

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