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About the Product

The Apply iPod is one of the most popular portable MP3 player out yet, it has sold over 100 Million iPods over the last 5 years. There is the iPod Shuffle 1st & 2nd Gen 512MB & 1GB, iPod Nano 1st & nd 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 8GB, iPod Mini 1st Gen 5GB, iPod Video 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Gen 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, 60GB & 80GB. Surrports MP3, AAC, WAV,, if it is another format such as WMA then iTunes will convert it to a certain format. Every ipod accept Shuffles have: Games, Lock, Music, Pictures, Podcasts, RSS, iPod Videos have a advantage since there the only iPods where you can watch videos on such as movies, music videos, etc... Newer iPods have the click wheel 60GB and 80GB iPod Video have a song search on them. iPods can have things pluged in the bottom of them such as a post to connect to a camra so take a picture and then go strait to the iPod, cables to connect to the TV so you can listen and watch your iPod videos on your TV. And much more, the ipod is the most popular and advanced MP3 player yet. Keep it coming Apple.


Apple iPod Reviews Rating: 93 out of 100 based on 10 ratings. 19 user reviews.

User Reviews

review score by date
Apple iPod 8.6/10 Animated Jun 27, 2007
Apple iPod Video. 10/10 Jimbo999 Feb 17, 2007
iPod. Honestly. No wonder the younger generation no longer knows how to use Grammar. 8/10 lanky man Jan 12, 2007
i is for iPod 9.6/10 metafor May 8, 2006
Pocket Tunes 9.6/10 Sold Apr 13, 2006
iPod 9.6/10 HBK619 Nov 7, 2005
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Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Anandtech  --- Jan 16 '02
Bona Fide Reviews  --- Aug 09 '04
Buddhacon 8/10 Mar 26 '02
CNET 9/10 Nov 26 '01 4/5 Nov 28 '01
Envy News 98/100 Apr 08 '02
Hardware Zone 4.5/5 Nov 27 '01  --- Jan 20 '03
IT Reviews  --- Jun 19 '03
Overclocker's Australia  --- Feb 20 '02
PC World 4/5 Jul 24 '02
TBreak 94/100 Nov 23 '03
Tech Zone 9.5/10 May 03 '04
Tech Zone 9/10 Apr 22 '05
UGeek 5/5 Jan 31 '02
Viper's Lair  --- Jul 09 '04
WhiningDog.NET  --- Jul 02 '03
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Anandtech on Jan 16 '02

"The iPod is the best MP3 player we have seen to date, with plenty of storage space to fit our ever expanding music libraries."

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IT Reviews on Aug 20 '03

"This new version, compatible with both Mac and PC, offers excellent value for money and it is a pleasure to use."

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Tech Zone on May 03 '04

" far the best portable MP3 player I have ever used."

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Tech Zone on Apr 25 '05

"Apple addressed most of the gripes I had with the first iPod Mini - it offers more storage space for the same price and vastly improved battery life. Hopefully, the next generation iPod Mini will..."

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