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AMD Duron 1GHz (Morgan)


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About the Product

The AMD Duron 1GHz processor offers a 200Mhz front side bus speed with 128 kb of L1 cache, and a 64 kb integrated L2 cache. The processor is manufactured to be supported on a Socket A interface; this processor uses the Morgan core.


AMD Duron 1GHz (Morgan) Reviews Rating: 95 out of 100 based on 1 rating.

Meta Reviews

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Got Apex? 9.5/10 Sep 04 '01
I am not a  --- Sep 17 '01
Mikhailtech  --- Sep 29 '01
PC Stats 87% Apr 25 '02
Tech Report  --- Aug 22 '01
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AMD Duron 1GHz (Morgan) Roundups and Shootouts

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AMD Duron 1GHz (Morgan) Review X-bit labs -- Oct 17 '01
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TweakMax Aug 24 '01  
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PC Stats on Apr 25 '02

"If you're on a budget or perhaps want something inexpensive until the 0.13 micron based Thoroughbred/Appaloosa based CPU's become available, look no further then the 1 GHz Duron. There has never..."

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Tech Report on Aug 22 '01

"The Duron's back-and-forth battle with the 1GHz Athlon makes it clear that the improvements first seen in the Palomino core can make a substantial difference, in some cases enough to offset a 75%..."

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  • Product Type: CPUs
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Released
    North AmericaQ3 2001
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