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   about the ...APC Back-UPS Pro 650

I haven't gotten a good chance to use this product, as we have not lost power. He have had a brown out, and we have been able to keep going when the computer would have restarted. It has great software that allows you to monitor the load, battery life, and many other things. It has several...[ continued ] - bgp1
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   about the ...Belkin Universal UPS 1200VA

While I might seem to be extreme with the good and bad, I can assure you this is one fine UPS. I have had my 1200VA for about 3 months now, and before that I had a Bulldog 500 Pro Gold.(I needed a bigger UPS)

In short to save space, I can't find the 1st thing wrong with it. It...[ continued ] - Mike Lamb
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