Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots get up close with Oracle and rogues, including creepy Riddler

Gotham City is especially shiny at night

Wed 6:17pm, by Lydia Sung | 1 comment
Lost Dimension PS Vita/PS3 RPG announced from Lancarse, Etrian Odyssey veterans

Japan loves the PS Vita and the RPGS it

Wed 3:32pm, by Rory Young | 2 comments
Halo and Destiny composer Martin O'Donnell fired "without cause" by Bungie

Bungie releases official statement after O'Donnell

Wed 1:58pm, by Lydia Sung | 7 comments
Square Enix: DRM remains necessary to protect sales & software

Yet publisher recognizes measures shouldn't inconvenience players

Wed 1:41pm, by Leo Chan | 2 comments
Struggling Kickstarter project Choice Chamber gets Twitch promise of support

How meta that the first poll involves voting with dollars

Wed 12:46pm, by Rory Young | 0 comments
RPG 'Upside-Down Dimensions' hitting the market in 2015, takes inspiration from Nintendo classics

Paper journey on a plethora of consoles

Tue 10:02pm, by Max Navarro | 3 comments
Respawn talk upcoming Titanfall changes, promises everything but map packs will be free

Evolving the game in coming months

Tue 6:01pm, by Lydia Sung | 2 comments
Youkai Watch 2's debut trailer has so much Level-5 charm that it's almost spooky

I ain't afraid of no adorable ghosts

Tue 11:21am, by Rory Young | 1 comment
Free-to-play PS Vita title No Heroes Allowed now available, the God of Destruction reigns supreme

Heroes will die this day for the low, low price of free

Tue 10:38am, by Rory Young | 6 comments
Freedom Wars to be localized for PS Vita, 8 players working off 8,000,000 years of prison

Handsome teenagers, only you can save us now

Mon 8:59pm, by Rory Young | 5 comments
Rumor: Tales of Hearts localization coming soon to the West, joining other titles in the series

Open your hearts to a new old Tales cast

Mon 8:56pm, by Max Navarro | 7 comments
See the new 'Child of Light' trailer and explore the beauty of Lemuria, a fictional world

Too much eye candy in a single game

Mon 6:25pm, by Lydia Sung | 1 comment
Dragon Age: Inquisition won't have DLC party members, because BioWare learned a valuable lesson

Players apparently didn't like buying party members

Mon 4:29pm, by Lydia Sung | 9 comments
World of Darkness MMO development shut down at CCP Games, layoffs for 56 employees

No need to turn off the lights

Mon 3:31pm, by Rory Young | 2 comments
Evolve screenshots emerge, featuring prehistoric-esque monsters in multiplayer/co-op FPS

More from the studio that brought us Left 4 Dead

Mon 1:18pm, by Lydia Sung | 1 comment
League of Legends bids URF Mode farewell because April Fools' passed, Riot promises it will return

As players beg Riot to make URF permanent

Mon 12:30pm, by Lydia Sung | 2 comments
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines confirmed for localization on PS Vita, a cruel curse must be lifted

Eye candy draws more people than story these days

Mon 10:43am, by Philip Moody | 4 comments
Civilization: Beyond Earth to bring space colonization to PC in fall 2014, one small step

The aliens will never see us coming

Sat 11:23am, by Rory Young | 15 comments
Penny Arcade Expo expands to Texas, PAX South in San Antonio debuting Jan. 23-25, 2015

Casual gamers may or may not be deported

Sat 10:27am, by Rory Young | 3 comments
Below no longer Xbox One exclusive, next game by Sword & Sworcery devs confirmed for PC in trailer

With music once again written by Jim Guthrie

Fri 4:20pm, by Lydia Sung | 3 comments
Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita teased by 4J Studios, celebrate with a drink

Personally, I've also found that Minecraft is even better with a side of rum

Fri 3:01pm, by Rory Young | 11 comments
Pink Hour demo is prologue to Kero Blaster's May 11 release, from the creator of Cave Story

Frog goes kero kero, pink blob simply smiles

Fri 2:32pm, by Rory Young | 1 comment
Magic 2015: Duals of the Planeswalkers teased, Garruk Wildspeaker is on the hunt

Garruk's loyalty is only to hunting, also quiet walks through the misty woods

Fri 10:26am, by Rory Young | 1 comment
Bound by Flame's combat trailer details Fighter, Ranger and Pyromancer fighting styles

There's certainly a lot of fire, does that mean there's a lot of bindings?

Fri 9:15am, by Rory Young | 9 comments