Horses Guide: Red Hare King

(version 1.5)
By: Krunal, BrokenKnights
Date: Apr 30, 2008
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Able to run as fast as Red Hare
DATE SETTINGS: 04/08/2008 (4th August 2008)
SCENARIO: Guan Du - Cao Cao's Forces
TARGETS REQUIRED: You must complete targets 2 & 3
    Get to Yuan Shao as quickly as you can defeat him, if you do this quick enough, then on Easy difficulty, you should manage to get win and accomplish Targets 2 & 3. After doing so, you'll get a horse called 'Ginger Striker'. Save this horse and then DO THE EXACT THING AGAIN (Including changing the time/date settings). This time, you'll get a horse called Ultimate Dream. This horse can be powered up to Red Hare King

VIDEO: This shows the second part of the above (My second stab at the stage, after I've acquired Ginger Striker - I did the exact same thing in this run as the first run).

THINGS TO REMEMBER: As ever, the things to remember when playing:
  1. After setting the date, you need to pass the Character Selection screen within a minute
  2. Play on Easy
  3. You need to have TWO Level 50 characters with Lady Luck
  4. You need to press START on the second controller on the Character Selection Screen AND NOT on the character customisation screen.
  5. Both Characters need to be assigned horses with the 'Find Saddle' ability and both horses must be Level 5

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