Horses Guide: Grey King

(version 1.5)
By: Krunal, BrokenKnights
Date: Apr 30, 2008
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Able to swim quickly, regardless of the current.
DATE SETTINGS: 17/03/2008 (17th March 2008)
SCENARIO: The Yellow Turban Rebellion - Han Forces
TARGETS REQUIRED: You must only complete target 1
    As soon as the stage loads, take the side path on the bottom left hand corner around to an area where you can find a crate containing a 'Saddle'. Take this and then head to the right and lower the drawbridge netting you the first Target Completion. Then taking either the left or right (You'll find the left route easier) path, head straight to Zhang Jiao and defeat him. Doing this correctly will get you Blue Striker which can be levelled upto Grey King.
VIDEO: Whilst this video is for Ebon King, the tactics and strategy is EXACTLY the same the only difference is that you have to input the Date/Time settings as above.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: As ever, the things to remember when playing:
  1. After setting the date, you need to pass the Character Selection screen within a minute
  2. Play on Easy
  3. You need to have TWO Level 50 characters with Lady Luck
  4. You need to press START on the second controller on the Character Selection Screen AND NOT on the character customisation screen.
  5. Both Characters need to be assigned horses with the 'Find Saddle' ability and both horses must be Level 5

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