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Game Title Net Reviews User Reviews FAQs/Guides Cheats Screenshots Forum
007: Licence to Kill ----- screenshots forum
007: The Living Daylights - The Computer Game ----- forum
19 Part 1: Boot Camp ----- forum
1942 ----- screenshots forum
1943: The Battle of Midway ----- forum
1985: The Day After ----- forum
1994 (Ten Years After) ----- forum
Aaargh! ----- forum
Addams Family, The FAQs/Guides ----- forum
After the War ----- forum
Airbone Ranger ----- forum
Alien Syndrome FAQs/Guides ----- forum
Alien³ ----- forum
Double Dragon FAQs/Guides ----- forum
Dropzone ----- forum
Hook FAQs/Guides ----- forum
R-Type ----- forum
Sid Meier's Pirates! FAQs/Guides ----- forum
X-Men: Madness in the Murderworld ----- forum
Xevious FAQs/Guides ----- forum

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