Themes (Games)

Name Description
Alternate History

Titles in Alternate History deal with the 'What If's' of our real world timeline. This theme covers such things as the effect of different outcomes of real world important events (war, inventions, etc).

Alternate Reality

Much like Alternate History, Alternate Reality covers issues that vary from our own reality. The two are similar, but whereas Alternate History deals with a world with similar dynamics to our own but a different history, Alternate Reality deals with a world whose history may be similar to our own, but with a different set of dynamics of reality. Superheroes or magic in an otherwise identical 22st century setting to ours would be one example.

Ancient Cultures

In this theme you find things relating to great civilisations of the ancient past such as the Babylons, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, ancient Europe, ancient China, Inca and more.


Relating to Asian elements. Includes cultural, historical, fantastical, military, and martial arts from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries of Asia.


Cyberpunk is a dark sub-genre of science fiction, often taking place in a relatively near, dystopian future. In a typical cyberpunk setting, the government is corrupt, tyrannical, and under the control of mega-corporations. The protagonists could be considered anti-heroes, as they are usually criminals, such as computer hackers, who rise up against the corporate power structure. Cyberpunk works tend to focus on the negative impact of technology on humanity, such as extreme violence carried out through use of high tech weaponry. Artificial Intelligence has often advanced to the point where it is difficult to distinguish organic beings from their synthetic creations. Another common element is the merging of man and machine by means of technologies such as cybernetic implants and virtual reality.

Dark Fantasy

The Darker side of Fantasy usually sets a mood of a darker, more sinister world. One where the heroes and the 'Good' are not so easily distinguished from the 'bad'. Well known Dark Fantasy type worlds could be the 'Dark Sun', and 'Ravenloft' worlds of D&D. Other examples include 'Dark Knight' and 'Punisher'.

Espionage/Secret Ops

Covers traditional, classic, 'High' and 'Low' fantasy genres. This is the basic 'Fantasy' theme that usually deals with Kings, Lords, magic, quests, villains, monsters in a medieval, feudal, or similar era. Lord of the Rings is classic Fantasy.

Film Noir

Note that this is the hip hop gangsta style. For the classic 'Sopranos' type gangsters, look for Mob


Gothic or Gothic Fantasy involve a world of dark magic and dark villains. Often similar to Dark Fantasy, the major difference is in the mood of the world. Gothic worlds reek of cults, evil rites, Vampires, Werewolves, Gargoyle decorations, gothic architecture, and deep rooted evil.


Games that let you control the ins and outs of a specific family/community. (ie The Sims, SimCity 4, etc)

Mob/Organized Crime
Party & Board Games

A war torn and often shattered future in which the world is a shadow of its former self and in which humanity struggles in a savage reality. The famous 'Terminator' series of movies shows you glimpses of a Post-Apocalyptic world in which Cyborgs our earth. The 'Matrix' movies are also in a post-apocalyptic world - one where machines rule over humans. Other famous books, roleplaying worlds, movies or movie series that might evoke this theme are 'Judge Dredd'.

Sci-Fi (Futuristic)

A dark, out of control world of Victorian Europe during an altogether darker and more morbid Industrial Revolution. Inspired by Cyperpunk.

Wild West
World War II