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Submit a Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss (Import) [PS2] cheat to Neoseeker!

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Command Codes

If you're familiar with the Konami Code, you'll know what this is. These are button commands you can enter at particular places to unlock something hidden or not normally accessible. Note: Do not use this for GameShark, CodeBreaker, or Pro Action Replay codes.

Game Passwords

Actual passwords that you enter at a specific screen to unlock something hidden, or resume progress.

Rewards, Accomplishments & Unlockables

Sometimes you get something from the game for your efforts. Here's where you show others what you can get from the game, and how to get 'em.

Hints & Tips

Have a brief tip on how to get by troublesome parts of the game? Share your hints and strategies with us here.


Particularly keen players may catch wind of an exploit which the game developers themselves have overlooked during testing and somehow made it into the final product. If it's not a cheat or password, but something pragmatic gamers can abuse in-game as a "loophole" to the "rules" (like taking advantage of AI behaviour, or item duplication), try submitting it as a glitch.

Easter Eggs & Hidden In-game Goodies

Found something nifty hidden in the game which you can access without need for cheat codes or passwords? Submit it as an Easter Egg which other players can find!