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Recently Added Game Profiles

Below are recently added game profiles to Neoseeker.
Dec 20 2014
99 EggnogsiPhoneforum
Bubble Shooter Wars Free - time travel adventure maniaiPadforum
Bubble Shooter Wars Free - time travel adventure maniaiPhoneforum
Choice of RobotsiPhoneforum
Fairy Tale WonderlandiPhoneforum
Fairy Tale WonderlandiPadforum
Galcon 2: Galactic ConquestiPhoneforum
Galcon 2: Galactic ConquestiPadforum
Give It Up!iPhoneforum
Give It Up!iPadforum
Heads Up! PicturesiPhoneforum
Jump CariPhoneforum
Jump CariPadforum
Light in the Dark FreeiPhoneforum
Looney Tunes Dash!iPhoneforum
Mini Motor Racing WRTiPhoneforum
My Om NomiPhoneforum
PopStar! FreeiPhoneforum
Stair: Slide the Blocks to AscendiPhoneforum
Stair: Slide the Blocks to AscendiPadforum
Tap TitansiPhoneforum
Tap TitansiPadforum
Top Gear: Extreme ParkingiPhoneforum
You StupidiPhoneforum
Dec 19 2014
Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of WariPhoneforum
Hyperdimension Neptunia­ U: Action Unleashedvitaforum
Narborion SagaiPhoneforum
Dec 18 2014
College Lacrosse 2014iPhoneforum
College Lacrosse 2014iPadforum
Destiny: The Dark BelowPS4forum
Destiny: The Dark BelowXBOX360forum
Destiny: The Dark BelowPS3forum
Destiny: The Dark BelowXBOXONEforum
Minecraft: Story ModeiPadforum
Minecraft: Story ModeAndroidforum
Minecraft: Story ModePCforum
Minecraft: Story ModeMacforum
Minecraft: Story ModeiPhoneforum
MiniBattle DeluxeiPhoneforum
MiniBattle DeluxeiPadforum
SimCity BuildItiPhoneforum
Dec 17 2014
Epic FalliPhoneforum
Frontline : The Longest DayiPhoneforum
Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacyvitaforum
Dec 16 2014
Aerofly 2 Flight SimulatoriPhoneforum
Bingo CrackiPhoneforum
Bingo CrackiPadforum
bit Dungeon IIiPhoneforum
bit Dungeon IIiPadforum
Corto Maltese Secrets of VeniceiPadforum
Corto Maltese Secrets of VeniceiPhoneforum
Deck HeroesAndroidforum
Holy DiverNESforum
Mevius Final FantasyAndroidforum
Mevius Final FantasyiPhoneforum
Mevius Final FantasyiPadforum
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3PS4forum
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3PCforum
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3XBOXONEforum
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies - Fight for Middle-earthiPhoneforum
Dec 15 2014
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4PCforum
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4XBOXONEforum
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4PS4forum
Dec 13 2014
11 BalliPhoneforum
Bomb de Robber!iPhoneforum
Chain Chronicle - Line Defense RPGiPhoneforum
Crusaders QuestiPhoneforum
Don't Get WetiPhoneforum
Hollywood U: Rising StarsiPhoneforum
My Little Monster - Make it RealiPhoneforum
Psy HighiPhoneforum
Rick and Morty Presents: Jerry's GameiPhoneforum
Tales from the BorderlandsiPhoneforum
Dec 12 2014
Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1: A Dreadly BusinessiPhoneforum
Snowboard PartyiPhoneforum
Ultimate NES Remix3DSforum
Dec 11 2014
Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters - A Hidden Object Game with Hidden Objects (Full)iPhoneforum
Lightbot - Programming PuzzlesiPhoneforum
Lightbot - Programming PuzzlesiPadforum
Marvel Contest of ChampionsiPhoneforum
Santa's Little Helper - Messy ChristmasiPhoneforum
Sneaky SneakyiPhoneforum
Stickman Roof RunneriPhoneforum
Stickman Roof RunneriPadforum
Dec 10 2014
Across Age 2iPhoneforum
Across Age 2iPadforum
Elune SagaiPhoneforum
Elune SagaiPadforum
Fist of JesusiPhoneforum
Fist of JesusiPadforum
Left in the Dark: No One on BoardPCforum
Left in the Dark: No One on BoardiPhoneforum
Ninja EscapeiPhoneforum
Theatrhythm Dragon Quest3DSforum
Dec 09 2014
Airport Trucks Car Parking Simulator - Real Driving Test Sim Racing GamesiPhoneforum
Heroes of War: Orcs vs KnightsiPhoneforum
Hop Hop Ninja!iPhoneforum
Polyform (3D cube puzzle)iPhoneforum
Roller PolariPadforum
Roller PolariPhoneforum
Rugby 15XBOX360forum
Rugby 15vitaforum
Rugby 15XBOXONEforum
Rugby 15PCforum
Rugby 15PS3forum
Ultraman Club 2: Kaette Kita Ultraman ClubNESforum
Dec 08 2014
Drawn to DeathPS4forum
Monster Maker: 7-tsu no HihouNESforum
The Banner Saga 2PCforum
The Banner Saga 2PS4forum
The Banner Saga 2XBOXONEforum
Dec 07 2014
BattleLore: CommandiPhoneforum
Dec 06 2014
Amazing NinjaiPhoneforum
Bean DreamsiPhoneforum
Bean DreamsiPadforum
Bloons Monkey CityiPhoneforum
Boulder JackiPhoneforum
Clarence's Amazing Day Out - A Collection of Fast, Funny MinigamesiPhoneforum
Clarence's Amazing Day Out - A Collection of Fast, Funny MinigamesiPadforum
Dragon Quest IIIAndroidforum
Dragon Quest IIIiPhoneforum
Dragon Quest IIIiPadforum
Dustoff VietnamiPhoneforum
Fun Run 2 - Multiplayer RaceiPhoneforum
Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games SeriesiPhoneforum
My Talking AngelaiPhoneforum
Night at the Museum: Hidden TreasuresiPhoneforum
Night at the Museum: Hidden TreasuresiPadforum
Race Day - Multiplayer RacingiPhoneforum
Treasure Run!iPhoneforum
Treasure Run!iPadforum
Dec 05 2014
Duke Caribbean: Life's a BeachPCforum
Dynasty of DungeonsiPhoneforum
Dynasty of DungeonsiPadforum
Human ElementPS4forum
Human ElementXBOXONEforum
Human ElementPCforum
King's QuestPCforum
King's QuestPS4forum
King's QuestXBOXONEforum
King's QuestXBOX360forum
King's QuestPS3forum
Peggle BlastiPhoneforum
Street Fighter VPS4forum
Street Fighter VPCforum
Wicked LairiPadforum
Wicked LairiPhoneforum
Dec 04 2014
Flick Shoot 2iPadforum
Flick Shoot 2iPhoneforum
Letters and DotsiPhoneforum
Match the Dots by IceMochi: ChristmasiPadforum
Match the Dots by IceMochi: ChristmasiPhoneforum
My Santa :)iPhoneforum
RPG Asdivine HeartsiPhoneforum
Tomb Raider IIiPhoneforum
Volgarr the VikingXBOXONEforum
Volgarr the VikingMacforum
Volgarr the VikingLinuxforum
Volgarr the VikingPCforum
Dec 03 2014
Astro Boy FlightiPhoneforum
Astro Boy FlightiPadforum
Briquid MiniiPhoneforum
Briquid MiniiPadforum
Impossible DrawiPhoneforum
Star TrolliPhoneforum
Star TrolliPadforum
Dec 02 2014
25 days of Christmas - Holiday advent calendar 2014iPhoneforum
25 days of Christmas - Holiday advent calendar 2014iPadforum
9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek (Full)iPhoneforum
Assassin's Creed: VictoryPS4forum
Assassin's Creed: VictoryXBOXONEforum
Assassin's Creed: VictoryPCforum
Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes AssaultPCforum
Ironkill: Robot Fighting GameiPhoneforum
Pastry ParadiseiPhoneforum
Rescue QuestiPhoneforum
Russian Lotto OnlineiPhoneforum
Swipey Arrows- The Ultimate game of swipe !!iPhoneforum
The Longest Journey RemasterediPhoneforum
Dec 01 2014
A Bird StoryPCforum
Nov 30 2014
Tainted KeepiPhoneforum
Nov 29 2014
2 CarsiPhoneforum
Bruce Lee: Enter the GameiPhoneforum
Football Heroes: Pro EditioniPhoneforum
NBA All NetiPhoneforum
Oddworld: Stranger's WrathiPhoneforum
Nov 28 2014
Record of Agarest War ZeroiPhoneforum
Record of Agarest War ZeroiPadforum
Nov 27 2014
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DXvitaforum
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DXPS4forum
Make it SantaiPhoneforum
Nano Assault Neo-XPS4forum
Race the SunPS4forum
Race the Sunvitaforum
Race the SunPS3forum
Race the SunLinuxforum
Race the SunPCforum
Race the SunMacforum
Rollers of the Realmvitaforum
Rollers of the RealmPS4forum
Rollers of the RealmPCforum
Tennis in the FacePS4forum
Tennis in the FaceiPhoneforum
Tennis in the FaceiPadforum
Tomb Raider IiPhoneforum
Nov 26 2014
Crimsonland HDiPhoneforum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsXBOXONEforum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsXBOX360forum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsPS3forum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsPS4forum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsMacforum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsLinuxforum
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsPCforum
Super Bunny WorldiPhoneforum
Super Bunny WorldiPadforum
Nov 25 2014
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinXBOXONEforum
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinPS3forum
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinXBOX360forum
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinPS4forum
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinPCforum
Fighting Fantasy: House of HellAndroidforum
Fighting Fantasy: House of HelliPhoneforum
Fighting Fantasy: House of HelliPadforum
Grappling GarryiPhoneforum
Grappling GarryiPadforum
Newborn Baby Care - Mommy & Kids GameiPhoneforum
Roof Jumping Stunt Driving Parking Simulator - Real Car Racing Test Sim Run Race GamesiPhoneforum
Sparkle 2iPhoneforum
Sparkle 2iPadforum
Sparkle 2PS4forum
Sparkle 2vitaforum
There Came an EchoXBOXONEforum
There Came an EchoPCforum
There Came an EchoPS4forum
Nov 24 2014
Blitz RaceriPhoneforum
Blitz RaceriPadforum
Etrian Mystery Dungeon3DSforum
Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy - A Hidden Object AdventureiPhoneforum
Road Not Takenvitaforum
Road Not TakenMacforum
Road Not TakenPS4forum
Road Not TakenPCforum
SingStar Ultimate PartyPS3forum
SingStar Ultimate PartyPS4forum
The SwapperLinuxforum
The Swapperwii-uforum
The SwapperMacforum
The SwapperPCforum
The SwapperPS4forum
The SwapperPS3forum
The Swappervitaforum
Total War: AttilaPCforum
Nov 22 2014
Call of Duty: HeroesiPhoneforum
Checkpoint ChampioniPhoneforum
Creature AcademyiPhoneforum
Creature AcademyiPadforum
Crossy Road - Endless Arcade HopperiPhoneforum
Darkness ReborniPhoneforum
Darkness ReborniPadforum
Dubai DriftiPhoneforum
Dubai DriftiPadforum
Earn to Die 2iPhoneforum
Football Manager Handheld 2015iPhoneforum
Football Manager Handheld 2015iPadforum
Garfield Kart Fast & FurryiPhoneforum
Global AssaultiPhoneforum
Heavy Metal Thunder - The Interactive SciFi GamebookiPhoneforum
Heavy Metal Thunder - The Interactive SciFi GamebookiPadforum
HELLO HEROiPhoneforum
Milo's Free Mini Games for a wippersnapper - Barn and Farm Animals CartooniPhoneforum
Mommy's New Baby Girl - Family AdventureiPadforum
Mommy's New Baby Girl - Family AdventureiPhoneforum
NinJump DashiPhoneforum
Offroad Legends 2iPhoneforum
One More LineiPhoneforum
Nov 21 2014
Kingdom Rush OriginsiPhoneforum
Makai-Mura Gaiden: The Demon DarknessGBCforum
Mr. Particle-ManiPhoneforum
Mr. Particle-ManiPadforum
Need for Speed: No LimitsiPhoneforum
Need for Speed: No LimitsiPadforum
Need for Speed: No LimitsAndroidforum