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Ice Age Village Cheats

Ice Age Village cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for wp.

Ice Age Village Unlockables

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UnlockableHow to unlock
Big Hearts (10 GP)Big Hearts
Caretaker (5 GP)Caretaker
Community Organizer (6 GP)Community Organizer
Dashing Dashers (10 GP)Dashing Dashers
Expert Slasher (10 GP)Expert Slasher
For Beginners Only (10 GP)For Beginners Only
I'm the Richest (10 GP)I'm the Richest
Most Famous (10 GP)Most Famous
Om Nom Nom! (10 GP)Om Nom Nom!
Outta the Way! (10 GP)Outta the Way!
Rule the Roost! (10 GP)Rule the Roost!
Survival of the Fittest (10 GP)Survival of the Fittest
The Bestest of the Best! (22 GP)The Bestest of the Best!
The Bigger They Are (10 GP)The Bigger They Are
The Gov (8 GP)The Gov
The Mayor (7 GP)The Mayor
The President (12 GP)The President
The Stars of the Show (10 GP)The Stars of the Show
Tweet Tweet! (10 GP)Tweet Tweet!
Submitted by: Chad on August 07, 2013