Pikmin 3 Cheats

Pikmin 3 cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for Wii U.


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Secret File Locations
Tropical Winds-
1In lower corner of wet rocky area where you encounter the Calcified Crushblat
2Around roots near tree stump that you normally need to enter to progress, accessed by placing Pikmin on pressure pads
Garden Of Hope-
3Floating around weighted lift puzzle; weigh down platforms using Pikmin to reach it
4Inside the fallen pot with the Peckish Aristocrab, on your way to the Quaggled Mireclops
Distant Tundra-
5On rock wall surrounding landing ground; throw a captain up onto the ledge using the rocks outside to reach it
6Behind two fallen ridged metal panels, inside cave with Bamboo Wall that can be access by using ten flying Pikmin
Twilight River-
7On your way to the Scornet Maestro, head down the second river with lily pads, then throw a captain to the pad to reach the ledge. Throw a captain again to the high platform along grassy path
8Along root path of Scornet Maestro's tree; after passing bridge, throw a captain to the roots on the right
Formidable Oak-
9Within the spotcaps past a reinforced wall you can destroy near beginning
10In dark section of the cave which can be illuminated with blue mushrooms; look for a pile of dirt near Candypop Buds that you can access by going across the tops of the mushrooms, then dig up the file