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Extra Life in Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest
As an archer, you do not get health from killing enemies like a swordsman, but you can still get healty however by shooting down pink & white birds cleverly placed into the map. If you look carefully, you should be able to find them quickly.
Submitted by: Ikerocker64 on December 27, 2012
Haunted battery
In luigi's ghost mansion. If you are playing as a ghost, go to a battery
(go for the star batteries) and wait for a person to walk to it and when
they (think) grab it, instead of more light, you get the person.

NOTE: This can back fire by...
1.if they shine light at you
2. if thunder strikes in your area
Submitted by: colton creater on September 14, 2013
trick the hunters.
If you play as the ghost, here is how to trick hunters.

1. dash into a wall then dissapear in the other direction.
2. hover over batteries.
3. show yourself in one place and run from that place and appear in another place and repeat.
Submitted by: colton creater on December 30, 2013