Kirby Super Star (Wii U) Cheats

Kirby Super Star cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii U.


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Change fire direction
When kirby or helper is fire, you can controll the fire by pressing the action button and any d0pad button.
Combined 1 and 2 player
Have player 2 be wheelie. Kirby can be anyone. Jump on wheelie and kirby will be a rider. Player 2 controllers the movement while player 1 controllers the shooting. The shooting does A LOT of damage.
Faster train
At the level where you have to collect all the chests, when you're on a train, press a rapidly. You will go faster uphill.
Game Reset
Hold L+R and press Start+Select.
This is an easier way to reset the game.
Infinite Health the Second Player
Let player to be the copy burglar. Once he copys someone, he will get full health. To do this again, press A and repeat.

Another way is to suicide. Once the second player suicides (press a continuously), let Kirby get the power and press A.
Sound Test
To access Sound Test mode, beat the Arena.
Unlock Arena
To unlock the Arena, beat all of the previous stages.


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Secret level in Milikyway wishes
On the level select screen in Milky Way Wishes, move kirby to the green star between Cavios and Skyhigh, and then enter the level. Here you can find the Copy ability.
self destruct
as a partner you can rapidly tap A and you will self destruct. if you touch an enemy you will get that power, so you can change whenever you want without being tac!