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Super Stardust Delta Cheats

Super Stardust Delta cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS Vita.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Bombs Away (Bronze)Orbit Bomber – Get 1 000 000 points
Core Destroyer (Bronze)Trucker – Destroy 30 green cores
Crushing (Bronze)Crush – Complete mode
Hero of Alena (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Alena
Hero of Mahler (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Mahler
Hero of Sekora (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Sekora
Hero of Werth (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Werth
Hero of Yuriko (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Yuriko
Hot Roller (Bronze)Rock & Roll – Get 50x multiplier
Scrooge MacBoom (Bronze)Arcade – Get 10 special weapons
Shield Blaster (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield
Slick (Bronze)Disc Slide – Get 10x multiplier
The Tokenizer (Bronze)Arcade, Planets – Collect 15 tokens with a single boost
Multiplier Hero (Silver)Arcade, Planets – Get 20x multiplier
Hero of the Galaxy (Gold)Arcade – Complete all planets
DLC TrophiesAdvanced Starfighter Pack
Shock and Awe (Bronze)Endless - Destroy 5 nukes
Late Boomer (Silver)Bomber - Get 15 bombs
Multitasking (Silver)Twin-Gun - Complete one planet
Supersonic (Silver)Impact - Get 99x multiplier
Extra Ships Optional (Gold)Endless - Survive 10 minutes without dying