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Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (PS Vita) Cheats

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus cheats, Codes, Trophys, and Codes for PS Vita.

Command codes

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Unlock Homura Crimson Squad w/o completing story modes
Hold down the L + R buttons while on the School Select screen, then enter the following directions using the D-pad:

Up, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Asuka Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Asuka story.
Battle Keeping Score (Bronze)Create and play a Point Battle (even against CPU).
Best Dresser (Silver)All items purchased from the extended dressing room.
Combo Poisoning (Silver)Reach 7,777 in a single combo.
Completed Training (Bronze)Finish all the tutorials.
Corps Members School Diploma (Silver)Clear Corps Members Academy Story.
Diploma Awarded! (Gold)Clear all missions from Academy Stories.
Enemy of Women (Silver)Make a girl react to all possibilities in the locker room...
Experienced Around Us (Silver)Total Experience surpasses 10 million.
Going out of Business and more! (Silver)All items purchased, all panties won.
Good Finish (Bronze)Defeat a boss using Ninpo.
Hanzo School Diploma (Silver)Clear Hanzo Academy Story.
Haruka Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Haruka story.
Height of the Turbulent Shade (Bronze)Achieve 100% Shadow Element with any character.
Height of the Turbulent Yang (Bronze)Achieve 100% Light Element with any character.
Height of the Turbulent Yin (Bronze)Achieve 100% Flash Element with any character.
Hibari Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Hibari story.
Hikage Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Hikage story.
Homura Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Homura story.
I'm Just A Little.... (Bronze)Create and play a Strip Battle (even against CPU).
Ikaruga Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Ikaruga story.
Imu Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Imu story.
Is it not good? (Silver)Strip your enemy completely naked.
Katsuragi Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Katsuragi story.
Life of the Drive (Bronze)Go into Sudden Death (stripped) mode for the first time.
Minori Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Minori story.
Mirai Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Mirai story.
Miyabi Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Miyabi story.
Mon School Diploma (Silver)Clear Mon Academy Story.
Murakumo Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Murakumo story.
Murasaki Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Murasaki story.
Not Down To Earth Woman (Bronze)Connect 10 air dashes in a row.
Panties from the Sky! (Bronze)Create and play a Panty Battle (even against CPU).
Please Stop! (Silver)Be stripped completely naked yourself.
Pushy Woman (Bronze)Win 5 times while opponent is in air.
Ryoubi Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Ryoubi story.
Ryouna Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Ryouna story.
Shiki Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Shiki story.
Snake Woman School Diploma (Silver)Clear Snake Woman Academy Story.
Strip Pro! (Silver)Destroy 1000 costumes in total.
Thank you for playing!! (Platinum)Earn all trophies.
The first prayer answered (Bronze)Won your first panties in panty lottery.
Who knows the secrets of the maidens (Silver)Clear all missions in all character stories.
Woman Cut 10,000 People (Silver)Defeat 10,000 enemies in total.
Womans Tight Defense (Silver)Successfully defend/parry 100 times in total.
Yagyu Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Yagyu story.
Yomi Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Yomi story.
Yozakura Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Yozakura story.
Yumi Clear (Bronze)Clear all missions in Yumi story.