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Persona 4: Golden cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS Vita.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
A Favor for MarieRegister any Skill Card with Marie in the Velvet Room
A New Quiz KingWin the Miracle Quiz Finals in the TV Listings (accessd outside of regular game)
A Prince AppearsRescue Yukiko Amagi
A Special LadyStart a special relationship with select characters during their Social Links
A True BondMax out any Social Link
A True Man's StandRescue Kanji Tatsumi
Advantage MineTrigger any battle with Player Advantage
An Acquired TasteDrink at the Chagall Cafe
Big Bro is WorriedVisit Nanako while she is in the hospital 3 times
Boarded-Up LabRescue Naoto Shirogane
Bond ManiacMax out any 10 Social Links
Breaking Through the FogSecure Tohru Adachi
Bug HunterSwing the bug net with perfect timing
Card CollectorRegister 100 Skill Cards
Compulsive ReaderRead all books during a single playthrough (progress does not carry over to new game+)
Cooking With GasMake 5 perfect boxed lunches
Displaying AdaptabilitySwitch Personas 5 times in a single battle
Fashion PlateFight any battle while equipped with any costume
Fill Your HandGet 50 Sweep Bonuses (does not need to be consecutive)
Fishing MasterCatch the Sea Guardian
Food FighterFinish Aiya's special dish
Fusion ExpertPerform 50 Persona fusions
Game OverSecure Mitsuo Kubo
Going NovaDeal over 999 damage in a single attack
Granter of Your DesiresMade 5 orders from Tanaka's Amazing Commodities shopping channel
Grasping at GreedDefeat any Golden Hand enemy
Hardcore Risette FanHear 250 of Rise's navigation lines (made during battles) in a single playthrough (progress does not carry over to new game+)
Head of the ClassPlace first in your class on any exam
It's Working TodayBuy an item from the Capsule Machine
Lucky Me!Win a prize from any vending machine
Movie BuffWatch 3 movies at 30 Frame in Okina City
Persona ShopperBuy any Persona registered in the Compendium
Seize the MomentBuy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku
Skilled CommanderPerform 50 All-Out Attacks in a single playthrough
Special Fusion ExpertPerform a special Persona fusion using 4 or more Personas
Tactical FighterExploit enemy weaknesses 100 times in a single playthrough
The Lounge Is ClosedRescue Rise Kujikawa
The Nose Doesn't Always KnowWitness an accident during Persona fusion (occurs randomly)
The Other SelfObtain the Persona Izanagi
The Return of the AngelsRescue Nanako Dojima
Legend of InabaMax out all Social Links
Moderate BookkeeperComplete 50% of the Persona Compendium
Mr. PerfectMax out all of the main character's social qualities
The Power of TruthCreate the Persona Izanagi-no-Okami
The Reaper Becomes the ReapedDefeat the Reaper enemy
Welcome BackRescue Marie
Thorough BookkeeperComplete 100% of the Persona Compendium
One Who Has Proven Their PowerDefeat Margaret
The Truth In Your HandsDefeat Izanami
Golden CompletedEarn all other trophies


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New Game+
Simply beat the game with any of the endings to obtain the New Game+ feature. In this game, your Yen will carry over as well as your Persona Compendium.
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game+Beat the game once.
Unlocking Izanagi-no-Okami
Beat the game and obtain the true ending. When you start up a New Game+, a new fusion option will be available and you'll be able to fuse Izanagi-no-Okami, one of the best Personas in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Izanagi-no-OkamiBeat the game once and obtain the true ending and start a New Game+


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Acquire the Fishing Pole
Speak to the old man at the Samegawa Flood Zone riverbank during the day to find that his Fishing Hook has gone missing.

Speak to the boy at the Shrine Central Shopping District (North) and find out what food or drink he is currently craving; acquire the appropriate item at any vending machine or the Sozai Daigaku food stall in the Shopping District and give it to the boy to receive some Tatsuhime Ladybug(s) in return.

Venture into any dungeon in the Midnight Channel TV world and acquire unique gems (e.g. iolite, smokey quartz, etc.) as rewards from random encounters with Shadows.

Head to the Shiroku convenience store anytime at night when it transforms into a snack bar; the store owner will be willing to speak with you once you have any variety of gems. This also unlocks the option to trade these gems in for unique weapons. Talk to the owner and offer to feed her pet fish one of your Tatsuhime Ladybugs to receive the Fish Hook.

Bring the Fishing Hook back to the old man at the riverbank to at last receive the Fishing Pole!
Attaining Max Rank in the Jester/Hunger Social Link
The Jester Social Link is both one of the most interesting and potentially challenging to increase to max rank in one playthrough.

First you must ensure you reach Rank 6 in the Social Link before the end of October; the character you must spend time with is available only during the evenings, and only when you are currently NOT on any phase of an investigation into the mysterious murderer.

The Jester Social Link will gain ranks automatically past October, but in order to reach maximum rank in either it or the Hunger Arcana, you need to trigger one of two special endings.

To reach the maximum rank for Jester, on December 6th choose not to reveal who you believe the true culprit of the murders is. You may wish to make a separate save file before you commit to this decision! This sets you on the path of the "Accomplice" ending, and you will automatically attain rank 10 in the Jester Social Link after watching some scenes. This also unlocks the Accomplice ending movie in your movie gallery, but it's worth noting you do not need to save over your current file to retain it.

Should this path be undesirable, you may choose to reveal to your friends who the true culprit is on 12/6. This will instead steer you toward another ending, and will allow you to transform the Jester Arcana into Hunger. To do this, be sure to choose to confront the culprit in the Midnight Channel alone when prompted on 12/7. The Hunger Arcana will unlock automatically after a lengthy sequence. The Hunger Social Link will reach Rank 10 automatically on 03/20 in the new year so long as you choose to pursue the "True" ending (do NOT choose to return home when prompted on 03/20, instead visit Dojima in the Samegawa Flood Plain).
Endings (No Spoilers)
The are a total a 3 endings in Persona 4:
Good Ending: On December 3rd when the party confronts Namadame at night in the hospital Yosuke will ask you 6 questions.
1st Question → 3rd Choice
2nd Q → 1st Choice
3rd Q → 3rd Choice
4th Q → 2nd Choice
5th Q → 3rd Choice
6th Q → 2nd Choice
Then on December 5th you'll have to figure out who is the criminal behind the murders (you only have 3 chances, if you get it wrong you get the bad ending).
On March 12 just head home and watch the Good Ending

True Ending: Instead of just going home on March 12, find
all people you've met and MAXED their Social Link. (If the social link was NOT maxed out, the person won't appear at all, don't bother looking.)
Chariot : In Shopping District South.
Lovers : In Shopping District South.
Tower : In Shopping District South.
Star : In Shopping District South.
Priestess : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Amagi hotel.
Devil : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Hospital.
Temperance : Bus stop at Shopping District, South and visit the Day Care.
Hermit : Visit the Shrine on Shopping District, North.
Emperor : In Shopping District, North.
Strength : In Shopping District, North, near Aiya.
Hanged man : In Shopping District, North (Near the Wine Store at the north end).
Justice & Hierophant : Outside of Dojima's House. Speak to Ryoutaro to and pick the second choice to see the event.
Magician: Visit the Food Court in Junes.
Death : Riverbed area.
Moon : Yasogami High, Learning Building 1F (Lobby)
Fortune : Yasogami High, Learning Building 1F
Sun (Music) : Yasogami High, Practice Building 1F. In Music Club
Sun (Drama) : Yasogami High, Practice Building 1F. In Drama Club
Once you are finished talking with everybody you have maxed social links with, you'll be asked if you want to go home; Make sure you pick "No".
Now go to June's Food Court and examine the elevator, you'll be asked if you want to go home once again, answer "No". Then examine the elevator again and pick the first choice "I got some unfinished matters." to visit the food court. After the cut-scene, go to the riverbed and speak with Ryoutarou and then Nanako. Next go to the Velvet Room to get the Orb of Clarity. Then go to the Shopping District South and speak with the gas station worker, after asking the right questions you'll unlock a special dungeon. Head to the Midnight Channel and complete the new dungeon to view the True Ending.

Bad Ending: On December 3rd when the party confronts Namadame at night in the hospital Yosuke will ask you 6 questions. Pick the wrong ones to trigger the Bad Ending (The "wrong ones" means the ones that don't trigger the good ending). Also you could follow the Good Ending path and on the 5th of December fail at figuring out who is the criminal behind the murders, you'll also get the bad ending.
Kaiwan Rank 7 Skill Change Tip for 6/24
A particularly handy Fusion Forecast to keep in mind early in the game is the Skill Change result on 6/24. This particular date is noteworthy because it is the earliest you can fuse a Persona of the Star Arcana before the Star Social Link levels up past Rank 2.

First, ensure that the MC himself is at least Level 24 before 6/24. Then on that day, keep a save file handy and head to the Velvet Room and create Star Kaiwan by fusing Devil Ukobach with Death Ghoul, both preferably with their default set of skills (i.e. "vanilla" Persona acquired from dungeon crawling) and with luck, the Tetrakarn skill that Kaiwan starts with will undergo the skill change into another Rank 7 skill. With even more luck, it will become something incredible like Victory Cry!

If you don't get a result you like, don't save and simply reload your file. Even after you get a Rank 7 skill you like, you can continue fusing Kaiwan to earn even more Rank 7 skills in this manner, which naturally you are going to want to pass down (and more importantly register) to other Personae!

Performing this trick on 6/24 is ideal because the Star Social Link gains ranks automatically, meaning on future Skill Change days the Star Arcana Personae you create will gain more levels as soon as you fuse them. This has the side effect of introducing more skills which are equally likely to undergo the skill change, when you really want to maximize the chances of it happening to Tetrakarn instead.
Ultimate Weapons
Available only in a 2nd playthrough or more, Death will sometimes hide within treasure chests. Chests containing Death will prompt you to pick between the choices to open or ignore the chest. If you choose to open the chest, you will have to fight Death, which when defeated, will drop the ultimate weapons for the characters.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Midnight Channel Minigame
When your PS Vita system clock reads 12:00 - 1:00 am, check the TV Listings from the main menu. A special channel which appears only around this time is now available; select it for a fun little surprise!