Muramasa Rebirth (PS Vita) Cheats

Muramasa Rebirth cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS Vita.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
665 and a Half Won't Do! (Bronze)Defeat 666 monsters.
Change in Management (Bronze)Defeat a boss without taking any damage.
Evil Only Hurts if You Let It (Bronze)Emerge from a Cave of Evil unscathed.
Kerouac Has Nothing on You! (Bronze)Take down all of the barriers blocking the main road.
Secret Arts FTW! Literally... (Bronze)Defeat a boss using a sword's Secret Art.
That's the Spirit! (Bronze)Obtain 666 souls while wandering the roads.
108 Swords of Destiny (Silver)Obtain all of the blades available in the game.
Accessories for Every Occasion (Silver)Obtain all of the accessories available in the game.
Can't You Go Any Faster?! (Silver)Complete the game in 3 hours.
From the Depths of R'lyeh (Silver)Defeat the Sea Monster
Hours, Persons, Doors (Silver)Perform a 999-hit combo.
That's Pretty Steamy... (Silver)View all of the game's hot spring events.
You're Already Fed (Silver)Enjoy 88 dishes in the country's various restaurants.
YOU > Evil...Caves (Gold)Conquer all Caves of Evil with Kisuke and Momohime.
Master of the Oboro Style! (Platinum)Obtained all trophies!
Secret Trophies-
...Ninja Dog (Bronze)Complete the tutorial section using Kisuke.
...Stairway to Heaven. (Bronze)Complete chapter 7 of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
A Boy and his...Kitsune? (Bronze)Complete the prologue of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
Aren't WE precocious? (Bronze)Inspect the first road barrier before completing the prologue.
Battlefield of the Damned (Bronze)Complete chapter 6 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
Born Again and Again and Again (Bronze)Experience the finale of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
Ghosts of the Past (Bronze)Complete chapter 4 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
Godiva, She's Not (Bronze)Complete chapter 3 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
In Buddha's Infinite Mercy (Bronze)Experience the finale of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
It's Not the Sword that Kills (Bronze)Complete chapter 3 of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
Machiavellian Betrayal (Bronze)Complete chapter 5 of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
Nothing Ventured... (Bronze)Complete chapter 2 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
The Devil's Whorehouse (Bronze)Complete chapter 2 of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
The Dragon God of Mount Fuji (Bronze)Complete chapter 7 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
The Maiden of Narukami (Bronze)Complete chapter 5 of Ninja Scroll of the Demon Blade.
They're Swords, not Hammers... (Bronze)Break 108 blades.
Valkyrie, ARISE! (Bronze)Complete the tutorial section using Momohime.
Where in Hell is My Sword?! (Bronze)Complete chapter 6 of Pandemonium of the Oboro Blade.
DLC TrophiesFishy Tales of the Nekomata
Careful What You Wish For (Bronze)Complete the grand finale of the Fishy Tales of the Nekomata.
Monster...ARISE! (Bronze)Defeat a boss while in the Monster Cat form.
No Pussyfooting Around! (Bronze)Finish the Fishy Tales of the Nekomata in an hour or less.
A Tiddle-ating Performance (Silver)Clear the finale of Fishy Tales of the Nekomata in Fury mode.
The Horror... The Horror... (Silver)Experience all of the endings for the Fishy Tales of the Nekomata.
Fear the Furrious Feline! (Gold)Conquer all Caves of Evil with Okoi.
DLC TrophiesA Cause to Daikon For
...Lest You Be Judged (Bronze)Complete the grand finale of A Cause to Daikon For.
Dig In, Y'all! (Bronze)Whomp up a mess o' vitals and eat the heck out of 'em!
Skinflint (Bronze)Save the up the equivalent of one tael of gold.
It Was Only a Dream, Right? (Silver)Experience all of the endings for A Cause to Daikon For.
Revolution, Come and Gone (Silver)Clear the finale of A Cause to Daikon For in Fury mode.
Super Spelunker! (Gold)Conquer all Caves of Evil with Gonbe.
DLC TrophiesA Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting
Death is only the Beginning (Bronze)Complete the grand finale of A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting.
Don't Forget to Breathe... (Bronze)Clear A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting in an hour or less.
Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Bronze)Use 10 smoke bombs in battle.
Praise be to Jiraiya! (Silver)Experience all of the endings for A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting.
Ruination and Absolution (Silver)Clear the finale of A Spirited Seven Nights' Haunting in Fury mode.
And Then There Were None (Gold)Conquer all Caves of Evil with Arashimaru.
DLC TrophiesHell's Where the Heart Is
Crouching Child, Raging Demon (Bronze)Take out the final boss while in Demon form.
Gluttony, Second of Seven! (Bronze)Become full 20 times in battle.
Honey, I can see Hell from here! (Bronze)Complete the grand finale of Hell's Where the Heart Is.
I am Demoness, Hear me ROAR! (Silver)Complete the grand finale of Hell's Where the Heart Is in Fury mode.
Not Unlike Icarus... (Silver)Experience all of the endings for Hell's Where the Heart Is.
Rajyaki, Don't Cave In! (Gold)Conquer all Caves of Evil with Rajyaki.


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Multiple endings and best sword
must have alreday beaten the game ONCE
beat the game once, then make sure you can equip Tsukiotoshi and Mumei Tamanoo, afterwards go to the last stage and win the figth you are gonna get a diferent ending, afterwards folow thee same method on the oposite history (got the ending 2 with momohime do it on kisuke, if you go it first with kisuke do it with momhime), now once you have the two endings of BOTH characters you need the ultimate sword in order to get the 3rd ending, in order to get the Oboro Muramasa, to do this you are gonna to need to be near level 99 and have powerfull forged katanas, you are gonna need to travel to the 4 white spots that you see on your map (the monster lairs) after you clear each one you should have the 18 base katana (7 katanas per history making it 14 base katanas) with the 18 katanas grind until you have 200.000 soul and spirit, after you have that quantity or more, forge EACH katana of both sides of the tree, the last one is the Oboro Muramasa it exports 757 attack and to wield it you must have 222 points of strengh and 227 points of vitality, after getting and being able to wield the obor murasama go to the same point of the last boss and win once again, the 3rd alternate ending is similar to the 1st but it takes a new twist.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shigurui Difficulty
Beat the game on Shura difficulty.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shigurui DifficultyBeat the game on Shura difficulty.


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EXP and Spirit gridning
there are 2 ways to get quickly EXP on both histories, but you must have alreday beaten the game once (be able to cut white barriers)

morihime: go to the spider boss that you fougth as kisuke, it yields per figth 32.000-35.000 EXP per figth level and a half during the level 80 and after.

Kisuke: go to the mountain were raijin and fuijin inhabit, figth raijin, she yields as the spider boss 32.000-35.000 per figth.

in order to increase even more your exp get the next swords and items:

Kazanami Muramasa (Long Blade ATK 209, SA: Gale Thrust, Effect: EXP boost, requires 55 STR and 55 VIT)

Maidori Muramasa (Long Blade, ATK 180, SA concealing mist, Effect EXP boost, requires: 50 STR and 53 VIT)

Kyoshu Muramasa (Blade, ATK 663, SA: Earth hornet 3, Effect collect spirit, requires 194 STR 197 VIT)

Reason: the 1st 2 swords boost by quite an amount your EXP earning rate and one of those has a very usefull skill Vs bosses, gale II, the kyoshu muramasa has earth hornet III extremly powerfull and usefull vs bosses, the reason is multi hit attacks, depleting quickly bosses life bars is key to win EXP, due that many and the 2 i recomend like to hit very hard.

ACC: master's Handbook (boost EXP by a 5%)

Abbreviation meaning:

ATK= Attack.

SA= Secret Art

ACC= Accessories.

Spirit farming:

Get yourself a good recipe, examples are: boar hot pot (yields 10.000 spirit per dish) and yosenabe hot pot (yields 7.000 spirit), make them untily our run out of ingrideints and go and buy an other one, repeat untily ou have all the spirit you need.
How to beat Torahime on Fury
First, use exclusively longswords for this fight. Shortswords put you at a great risk due to their aerial finisher sending you to the ground. Second, be sure to equip the Blade of Knowledge for its sword art.
Begin the fight by moving forward, slashing a longsword once and then using quick draw with your strongest blade. Stay behind and defeat the two samurai instead of chasing after Torahime, and wait until a single arrow is shot down at your location. After waiting a second, use the upward slash and dash in a zig-zag pattern to send as many arrows back to Torahime as possible. Then, approach her using strictly rolls, as they get you through the bamboo and make you immune to damage during the animation of the roll. When you get to her, use only aerial longsword combos and watch her bow, putting yourself on the opposite side that she's aiming it. If she says something, jump immediately if you aren't already in the air, as it means her horse is going to stomp the ground.
After depleting a health bar, Torahime is sent flying. Switch to the Blade of Knowledge immediately and use its secret art a bit before she hits the ground, repeating until you're unable to use it. If she hits the ground before you're able to launch her, you're able to scoop her up using a downward or upward attack to toss her back up in the air. Do this each time Torahime loses a health bar, and keep it sheathed during the remainder of the fight.
Also, upon losing a health bar, Torahime gains an attack where she summons souls to the front of her horse and charges, usually beyond a corner. If she charges offscreen, double jump at the nearest possibility away from the corner and dash three times, each dash at the part where Keisuke does a light hop, or until you have visual confirmation that Torahime has passed underneath Keisuke.
Regain Soul/Spirits used in forging swords
Forging a blade normally consumes Soul and Spirit materials, but you can actually get these back after making your desired weapon simply by allowing yourself to be killed on any map by enemies. You'll retain your forged weapon when you respawn, but you'll also regain the Souls and Spirits you originally used to make the weapon.
beat the game once, and talk to your respective supporter, they will transport you to any sanctuary that they are in.