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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition (PS Vita) Cheats

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS Vita.


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'Hind' Lets Destroy It
When you are climbing up the mountains and on your way to grozny grad and ur at the part where the hind (helicopter) is flying around everywhere well you can stop this from happening way way further on in the game...

Go to bolshkia past base, or summat like that just after the electricfences at the begining when ur on your way to the research facility for Sokalov, out side the base there is a hind say there if you destroy it there with some tnt preferable so you can be straight out of site, it wont appear in the game.

Note: they are replaced though by soilders on flying platforms.
This is much harder as the hind will only se you if a soilder has first, the soilders on platforms have a very good range for sight, so therefore by doing this you are making it harder for yourself..

Anyway i hope you understood me and i hope this has increased your Mgs3 knowledge byeee

Funny Radio Coversations
"Freak Out"
Put on Raiden Mask and call Para-Medic
About Cigar...
Do you think Cigar is just a health sucker? Well actually, Cigar will reduce your hand shaking a bit, so it's useful when you sniping some guard and saving your precious Pentazemin
Alert cancelation frequencies on normal difficulty(use on evasion status)
Alert cancelation frequencies on ver easy/easy(use on evasion status)
Alternate Ocelot & The End-Endings
Ocelot Duel:
Snake Misses Shooting Endingick Up Right gun
& start shooting away from Ocelot.Eventually a bullet will come out and Ocelot will laugh and say It missed.
Snake Loses EndingIck Up Left gun & Eventually ocelot will shoot. The cutscene will show Snake grunting and Ocelot Will Laugh and Say "It's A blank".
Snake Wins Ending:
Pick Up Right Gun and Shoot Ocelot By Continuously Pushing the Fire button. The scene will have Ocelot Grab His own Chest,Then Snake will gasp
Ocelot will laugh and say it's a blank

Bad Endingick up the Right Gun and Dont shoot.
Eventually Ocelot will ask Why you didn't shoot.

The End Sokrevenno & Svyagotornyj Endings:
You Dissapoint Me,Young Snake, Ending:
While fighting the end,
Fall asleep,Push L1+R1+L2+R2+Select+Start
To exit then reload.It will show Snake with anaimals all around him and he's sleeping.
When he wakes up he'll be shot in the head with a dart and The End will come up and take him away.

End dies:Kill The end
W/ Guns/ Tranquilizer

The End dies of Old Age Ending:
When you Fight the End Save And Reset W/ The disc taken out. Go to System Configuration And Change the ps2 Clock forward a few years.
Then Reload to get a Movie where you find The End Dead of Old Age-
With his face All Wrinkly and the leaves are Orange

Reckless Boy Ending:
Reduce your Stamina to Zero Percent And you'll fall asleep.
The End will take you to The cell In Graniny Gorki Lab

Ocelot Unit Mode
Before you get to the Ponizovje Warehouse
Go to the Crevice nearby to get to Ponizovje West. Go through the Armory to Find A Sniper Rifle.
When You Get to Ponizovje Warehouse After the Movie,Pull out your Sniper Rifle And Shoot the End On the Weelchair In the head.
You'll Hear "The End" In the Wind And he'll blow up.
When you get to Sokrevenno,Instead of Fighting the End You'll Fight men from the Ocleot Unit.
back knock out
If you have a patriot,(I havn't tried other weapons.)you can run up to a enemy and hit them. They will fall down with their hands on their backs, and hands up.
Beat the Boss Easily
I've found a way to beat the boss easily. At the start of the fight, put on your best camo besides the Scienctist outfit due to its ability to not allow you to use weapons. Immedietly, start slashing with your knife (Square reapetivly). The Boss will run right into it. Then either run and hide when she's down or wait till she gets up, evade her shots, and wait for her to run. When she appears from behind a tree, use the EZ Gun to "snipe" her from a distance. If she is hit three times in a row, she will fall down, get back up and hide again. When she appears, she'll, most of the time, let you reapeat the process. When she faints, she drop the snake camo, but be quick. If you take too long, the game will continue on and you can't get the camo. It's easier then anything I've heard of.

Notice: Only Works on Very Easy Mode, Because the EZ Gun is only available in that Difficulty Mode.
beat the fear (glitch)
when fighting the fear try and find him on the ground then chase him to a tree. After hes at the tree keep shooting him, he will just keep trying to run but he cant
Beat Volgin Easier
There are eight handy tips for beating Volgin
1) Throw a Russian Glowcap on the floor and it will absorb two of his electric attacks
2) (I'm not sure about this one) apparently if you throw a tree frog on the floor, Volgin will stare at it, leaving him vunerable until he kills the frog
3) When he is facing away from you (eg. when he's charging up at the little box on the wall), you can shoot him (way to go for back stabbing )
4) CQCing him is MUCH easier , slam him on the floor, tranq him, repeat. Plus you get the Cold War camo
5) If you put on the Raikov face Mask then Volgin will pause and say "Ivan? Is that you?" then when you attack him he goes crazy and yells "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID YOU IVAN!" or "I WILL AVENGE IVAN!"
6) If you throw a grenade at him, stuns are best, he will stop his attack (handy for stopping the bullet attacks he does)
Note: You must throw the grenade pretty quick or else it will not detonate in time
7) When he's doing his bullet attack were he quickly fires single bullets, after he begins firing, run behind him and wait until he stops. He cannot turn to attack you and you can CQC him/shoot him while you have the chance
8) If you lie flat on the floor while he uses his second bullet attack (when he fires bullets in every direction) the bullets won't hit you

Anyone stuck on anything, PM me
Beat volgin easy
To beat volgin easy and get the cold-war camo just keep throwing stun granades

Notice: Keep in mind that you don't have enough Stun grenades in higher Difficulty Modes.
Beat Volgin Quick
Quick access your survival veiwer equip M63 AK47 RPG Russian Glowcaps WP Grenades Select camo put on the "raiden" mask (the guy you shoved in the locker) While volgins confused hit him with the RPG tap R2 between shots to reload faster you should get 3 shots off now shoot him with the AK (cutscene) use the glow caps to avoid lighting attack and unload with your automatics toss grenades at his feet to make him charge you shoot him alot don't stop when he recharges with the power box hit him with the RPG. Just keep the words what would Rambo do in mind.
Big BossBattle: The End
During the middle of the battle, if you are planning on following The Ends footprints in the mud, or with thermal goggles, and you happen to be in 1st person mode, make sure you don't stay in this mode too long because he sneaks up on you and shoots you in the ass so you end up back in the lab you were supposed to meet sokolov in, other ways to tell if hes right behind you are if you hear him saying something along the lines of, "this is the greatest battle ever" put your weapon down and run like f*#k or else you'll end up miles away, and have to beat all the same soldiers again.
Boss Battle
When fighting the boss just hide behind a tree and wait for her to pop her head out then snipe her. When she runs up to you if you time it right you can counter her CQC attack. (You just press O when she starts to attack.) and You'll kill her in no time. (Don't do this if you want the camo.)
Call off alert
When you are in alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He will give a radio frequency you can call to call off the alert. After the alert is over, the frequency changes.
Camo locations
Here are the locations of camouflage uniforms and face paint.


Woodland - Backpack
Water - Ponizovje South
Splitter - Backpack
Kabuki - Tikhogornyj ( In the waterfall after meeting with EVA )
Oyama - Graniny Gorki Lab 1F
Green - Get all best times for Normal Duel
Infinity - Finish game with live Tsuchinoko
Country Facepaints, UK, USA etc, - Backpack
Black - Backpack
Desert - Ponizovje Warehouse
Snow - Bolshaya Past Base ( Under the wooden bridge near the front )
Zombie - Rassvet - ( On the side of the warehouse )
Raikov Mask - Backpack
Brown - Get it off the CD single of The Snake Eater Theme


Olive Drab (OD)- Starting uniform
Tiger Stripe - Backpack
Leaf - Backpack
Tree bark - Backpack
Choco Chip - Bolshaya Past South, Graniny Gorki Lab 2F
Splitter - Bolshaya Past South, Krasnogorje Mountaintop
Raindrop - Dolinovodno ( On the cliff under the bridge )
Squares - Backpack
Water - Bolshaya Past Base (On the roof)
Black - Backpack
Snow - Chyornaya Peschera Cave
Sneaking Suit - In the locker you hide Raikov
Ga-Ko - Chyornyj Prud ( In the shallow water on the right )
Fly - Graniny Gorki Lab 2F


Scientist - From EVA at Rassvet
Officer - Groznyj Grad East Wing ( From Raikov )
Maintenance - Opposite the locker when you hide raikov ( When you come back on the 2nd time )
Tuxedo - Finish the game

  • = Non lethally
Animal - Defeat Ocelot ** - Infinite Benzodiazipine Effect

Hornet Stripe - Defeat The Pain ** - Control Hornets and Spiders and leeches will not come near you

Spider - Defeat The Fear ** Have 80% camo effect though it will severely drain stamina

Moss - Hold Up the End ( Sneak behind him, get close and yell Freeze! Keep aiming at his head. He will Refuse to give you the camo but eventually he'll give it to you then throw a Stun Grenade. - Photosynthetic effect. Stand in the sun to recover Stamina.

Fire - Defeat the Fury ** - Protects you from burns and halves damage from fire and explosions

Spirit - Get all the way to the end of the Sorrows river ( When you find his corpse walk into it to die and then use the revival pill )

Cold War - Defeat Volgin ** - Soviets will hesitate to shoot you when you face them.

Snake - Defeat The Boss AKA The Joy ** - High level of Camo againt pretty much any background.

Banana - Beat all Seven best times for Snake Vs Monkey - Makes any morsel of food taste excellent

DPM - Beat all best times in Special Duel - Doubles the natural life recovery rate and provides excellent cover in forested areas such as syvyatogornyj and sokrovenno.

AUSCAM Desert - Get it with the Snake Eater Soundtrack - Provides good cover againt white backgrounds and drops damage to 2/3

Desert Tiger - Get it off the Snake Eater single same as the Brown face paint - Unlimited Supressor function with the currnet weapon
cancel alerts without using the radio
when a guard sees you shoot the exclamation mark above his head to prevent the alert
Change Colors at Title Screen
When at the the main screen press L1 or L2 to change the backround colors.
Change Langauge during the Intro
Changes opening credits to 4 different languages and into slithering snake bones by pressing the L3 button
Cold War Camo
If you are having trouble shooting the enemies that chase you after you beat Volgin than put the cold war camo on (you get it when you beat Volgin by the MK22) and they will not fire at you. Beware though if you are not facing them on first person view or normal view than they will fire at you from the back. I found it useful on hard/extreme difficulty and in the rainy forest.
Defeat Volgin quicker
The best way I've found of beatin that over-sized circit board is to wait till he stops glowing(stay fairly close to him) use your CQC to floor him then quickly get your out M37 (shottie) and shoot him on the floor. you can normaly shoot twice, secoond time just before he gets to his feet so make the most of this short space of time.
Good luck
Defeating The End With Pure Skill
When you first start with the battle head towards the south part of the forest. When you get there you should see a large tree with vines. Climb that tree and just wait. After a while you will see The End run underneith you. Don't shoot you'll blow your cover. If you face directly behind you you will either see a tree in the distance with vines or a clearing. If its a tree then just wait for the screen where it shows a picture of you in The Ends crosshairs. If there is a clearing just watch with the sniper with the 1x view. In a bit you will see him run by and stop by a little bit of tall grass. Note that that place that he stops will be his place to shoot almost everytime..if lucky. Just pop him a few times with the sniper. If he sees you then get down and run to that other tree on the other side of the mountain thing in the middle. Repeat this till The End is Killed.

NOTE: When you are first starting out in the tree listen as hard as you can right after he runs by you. He will actually run to the other tree and go to the tall grass and fall asleep. You can try to sneak up on him and get his camo.
double choco chip camo
If you missed the choco chip cama at the mine field, don't worry because you can get another at grainey gorki on the balcony. just go on to the second floor and explore. you should find the camo on the balcony. MAKE SURE YOU ARE DIGUSED AS A SCIENTIST!
Easy boss defeat
The easy way that I find to defeat The Boss, is to wear Snow Camo and equip AP sensor.
Lie down and wait for her, then shoot her in the head with a Sniper.
And if you are running out of time, go near her, and when she tries to attack you, dodge her cqc attack's, and hit her, and she'll collapse, then shoot her with a shotgun or a more powerful weapon.
Easy Human shield
When there is 2 guards knock out a guard (shoot him in the leg) then the next guard will run along saying "Whats wrong" then sneak up to the guard and if you want watch him heal him or knock him out and use him as a shield
Easy Jungle Journey With EVA
When you are trying to escape after your encounter with the Shagohod, you are back on the bike shooting at the bikers. Before long, you get in a wreck and EVA gets impaled by a tree branch. After curing her you have to walk through the jungle with her. What is hard about this is that EVA is the biggest pig on the world. She gets hungry every two minutes and there are guards coming after you searching the premises.

The best way to get through this without getting seen by the guards and feeding EVA is to simply knock EVA out with a tranquilizer dart and drag her. But knock out the guards a little up after the cutscene of them spotting the bike debris. Then go back to her and start dragging her after she is knocked out.

Her stamina stays where it is because she is resting.

Now, after a minute there is another group of four guards coming. Drop EVA and take them out before they get too close to you to see you and they bring a bunch of reinforcements. They always come in fours. After you take them out, just drag EVA some more until another minute passes. Then take out those guards.

You will do this routine for a total of 4 times until you get to a cliff. Don't forget to wake EVA up or you can't go over it.

At the next location, just leave EVA where she is and take care of the four guards in the area you ate. Then just walk with her until you get to a jump down. There is another 4 guards, but you really have to take care of 3 in order to not be seen. Be careful though, one of them in a pile of grass and cannot be seen without looking in First Person View.

Now just walk with EVA to another cliff.
easy way to stop guards
When you are on the motorcycle, use the dart gun to put them asleep. It works really good because they fall right to sleep with one shot to get pass quick.
End help
When fighting the end there is a very easy way to beat him. Get your best camo on be at least 80%. Look in first person view if you see a sparkle the End is there. Pull out your sniple rifle and shoot. You should get in two shots. This is useful for when you do not know where he is.
Extra Camo's
Get This - By Doing This
Sneaking Camo - Obtained by opening the locker where Raiden was put in
Spirit Camo - Can only be obtained if you reach the end of the river to the Sorrow without using the Fake Death Pill.
Last Camo You wore in a new game - Beat the game, and the camo you were wearing will apear
Extra Cut Scene
When Snake is captured in the prison cell, do not eat the food the guard throws you. Instead, throw the food back out of the cell to the card. Continue to do this 2 more times for a total of 3 times and this will trigger a hidden cut scene.
Extra information in Codec screen
After so many calls, more 'slideshow' images will open up for each person you talk to in your Codec. Each person has (at least) two additional personal information pages, usually accompanied by an interesting picture. To get this, call each person multiple times, after so many times, the images will open one at a time.
Extra Waterfall Scene with Eva
After you escape from the cell, don't use Cure to take out the transmitter in your back. If the transmitter is in you when you meet up with Eva behind the waterfall, there will be an extra very funny scene where she takes it out of you.
EZ Gun
You must capture all types of animals and plants in the game, you dont have to eat them and they can be rotten, and once you have captured one you can discard it from your backpack because it has been recorded as it having been caputred, there are 48 in total to be captured.
Fighting The Boss Tip for getting her camo
Seeing as you have to get The Boss' stamina down to get the camo, use the scientist uniform and have the white face paint with red lips (forgot the name) and use CQC against the boss, when she's chasing you everywhere there's a 10% change she will see you because you're invisibility will be at 90%.

Otherwise if you want to use weopons use the snow camo and stay ducked down so she can't see you with about 80% invisable(I think).
Fire support frequencies on very easy/easy(use when on alert mode)
fire support frequencies when on normal difficulty(use when on alert mode)
Funny Croc Mask Codec Conversation!!
While wearing the Croc Mask, call Para-medic to have another talk about messed up movies lol, or call up Eva, she will start laughing uncontrollable, hope you enjoy. =D
Funny Radio Conversations
"Naked Snake" Conversation
Put on No Shirt camo and call Sigint.
Funny Radio Coversations
"Arguement" Conversation
Wear Zombie face paint and call Sigint
Funny SIgnit Conversations
After You get different types of camo, wear one and talk to Signit. He gives you the pros and cons on each. IF you equip GA-KO or naked you get a funny convo each time.
funny talk with Sigint
if you happen to have a box at the time if you use the box like go into it and the call Sigint
you get to have a funny talk with him! =D
Get Food Without Using ANY Weapons
there is a way to get food without shooting them or stabbing them with your knife! all you have to do is execute the cqc (close quarters combat) by pressing the [0] button rapidly near a snake, mushroom, ect. This combo can also be done in FPV(first person view)also this can be used to wake up sleeping guards that are on the jungle floor.
Get items from guards
To get ammo/grenades/medicine from guards do CQC from behind, and throw them down in front of you. As soon as they are down go into first person view and aim at them. After the put their hands on their head shoot beside them. They will yell "Don't shoot" or something of the sort, then shake and an item will appear. This can be done 3-4 times on each guard.
Get out of Groznyj Grad Prision Cell Quick
if you talk to Sigint for enough time while in prision, he tell you that the cell door is unlocked by a certain frequency if you 'knew' the frequency you can unlock it with your raido. that frequency is 144.75
Get the Sniper Rifle Early!
After you exit the Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance area, you come to East Svyatogornyj, which is a long narrow canal filled with water. After the second hovercraft guard, there is a slightly hidden path through the rocks heading west. This is West Svyatogornyj, the DSV is located in the building by the docks. Heading to this area is also the only way to kill The End early.
get to the pain faster.
After you have beaten ocolot and you are in the cave, get the camo and dont wander aimlessly. Simply go into the next room on your right and look for a vent kinda thing. You will end up on 2 waterfalls. There will be a door so go through it because that is what it's there for! you should end up with a crossroad. Go right if you want weapons, camo and ammo. Go left to fight The Pain. If you are going right you will find a shotgun and ammo. there should be a large vent. Go throught it and you will find camo. Then go through the vent oppisite the one you came in. You will find where you had just started and kepp following the vtunnel and you will find The Pain. I explained this with as much detail as i can good luck.
Getting alive Tsuchinoko at end of the game
Want alivetsuchinoko at the end of the game? Well, sincehe one you capture at the Sokrovenno was lost when Volgin torture Snake, don't lose hope there are still some at Tikhogornyj where snake gets drowned i saw one crawling near the waterfalls just use the sonar... There you go!! you get it the Reward will be infinite face paint..
During the sorrow segment , take pictures of the bosses you meet and of the corpse at the end to reveal members of the MGS3 team ghosts.
Guards are getting hungry!!
In every food storage or weapon supplies storage place some TNTs then go to some place where you can hide then press the Circle buton... After destroying that, guards will get hungry as if they were saying it...

Try throwing them some Spatsa or Ural Luminicent to then to be asleep or poisoned
Healing radio frequencies on normal difficulty
It depends on the difficulty of the game of what the frequencies will be so here are some of them
148.39-salty catfish/66 boys
146.65-rock me baby/66 boys
148.96-sea breeze/sergei mantis
144.86-pillow talk/starry.k
145.83-jumpin johny/chunk rasberry
145.83-surfing guitar/66 boys
141.85-dont be afraid/rika muranaka
Hilarious Radio Chats
Note: You may have to call a few times to get the desired conversation.
To hear these conversations you must complete the following requirements:

Raiden conversation - Call Major Zero after obtaining the Officer camo, with the mask and Officer camo equipped
"Granin" Conversation - Call Sigint after speakng to Granin
Sigint's nightmare conversation - Call Sigint after waking up from nightmare (the nightmare appears when you load a save file while in the prison cell)
"Patriot" Conversation - Call Sigint with the Patriot equiped
"Tsuchinoko" Conversation - Catch a Tsuchinoko and Call Para-Medic
"Glowcap" Conversation - Eat a Glowcap and Call Para-Medic
"Box" Conversation - Equip a Box and call Sigint. (Very Funny)
007 conversation - Save ~15 times
"Chocolate Chip" Conversation Wear "Choco Chip" Camo and call Sigint
How to Acquire Dragunov SVD Sniper Early
There's a way of acquiring the Dragunov SVD at a faster rate than acquiring the one located at East Svyatogornyj. At the start of the game, get to the first area of Dremujic North - make a break for it to the right path before the incoming guard spots you. Now keep moving ahead until you reach a small forest area. Look at the south part to see a box holding the Dragunov SVD. This is useful as you can kill soldiers from a distance.
how to acquire scorpion
when in groznyj grad east weapons lab (only can do this your first time in groznyj grad) when you steal raikov's clothes, you have access to doors you wouldn't normally have access to. go to the closest room by the stairs where you take raikov to the locker room(not the library or bathroom first floor)go to the northeast section of that room(on the map) to find a scorpion. this room is full of crates so it may be hard to find at first and if you go into that room it will be on your far left. you can also enter that room by going behind the stairs (when you first enter the east wing its the stairs that is right in front of you)and going to the second room on your left. if you go ths way it will be immeditely on your right. i prefer this way it will be easier to find.
How To Find The End
When you are in the west part of Sokrovenno (the one with the river), crawl out in the water and equip the Croc Cap. If The End is in that area you will see through his scope. He will be fooled and think you are a crocodile! You will then know where he is positioned. It will only work once.
How to get easy weapons during OPERATION VIRTUOUS MISSION
Firstly to get the SVD sniper rifle,go to the place where snake sees two enemies and calls major zero,then turn right then you will see a secret passage way that will lead you the SVD sniper rifle.


Go to the place where you see a bridge,cross the bridge then go left,then do down and you will see a secret passage way that will lead you the XM1131167.


Go to the warehouse and go to the stairs(don't clime the stairs)then stand at the base of the stairs and do down and you will see two three crates and behind them is M37 shotgun.
How to get in a cheapshot on Volgin
When you begin the boss fight against Colonel Volgin (the one inside the Grozni Grad hangar) quickly pull up the item menu with L2 and select the fake death pill. Snake will fall over and Volgin will turn his back on you thinking your dead. Now's your chance, use the revival pill and while Volgins back is turned shoot him with your choice gun. I suggest the shotgun.

Note: This only works once.
how to kill volgin easier!
1.If you have any chaff grenades equip them then when you throw one it will explode and shards of metal will fall out the sky and volgin's electricity attacks will shoot above your head at the falling objects,giving you a chane to shoot him while he recharges.(This doesnt stop him shooting you with his needle/bullet attacks).
2.You can also equip the raiden mask to confuse him and give you a chance to pump him full of hot lead!
3.If you are really stuck you can use the fake death pill and he will turn around so when you come back to life using the revival pill you can shoot him with your best gun(this only works once).
4.Throw russian glowcap mushrooms around the arena to attract his attacks for a while.
I Hate Paramedic
In Svyatogornyj West, on the base of trees will be these little dark purple coloured mushrooms.

Knock 1 off with whatever gun you want and pick it up.

Call paramedic and she'll tell its kinda like a shittake mushroom called a Ural luminescent and should taste ok.

Take her advice and eat it but to your suprise its poisonous. Snake will say Paramedic in an angry way.

Call Paramedic and Snake will get ticked off at her but then later forgives her. Cure yourself with antidote

Instant Kill
To kill an enemy in one shot, manually aim at his head and shoot. If this does not instantly kill him... he should die within the next few shots.

Note: This only works with humanoid enemies!
Instant Kill Using Knife
To perform an instant kill using your knife only, sneak up to an enemy and hold in the square button which will make snake stab an enemy at full force killing him instantly. This can also be done in first person view while your opponent is passed out on the ground, or on animals. But it cannot kill a boss instantly so be careful if you try
Kojima Game Models
In the office of Granin, there are models of things from other games Hideo Kojima Made. There is a model of Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid 1, A model of Metal Gear Ray from metal gear solid 2, and a model of Jehuty from Zone of the enders 1 and/or 2.
less underwater air depletion
Only tryed it once but if u have squre camo and brown facepaint put it on and it will take a while to run out of air underwater

dont know if it works everytime or if it is just the paint or camo or both together but i tested it and the air guage lasted longer than naked, no paint or if it is just in the big river on the way to where u have the option of shooting the End to avoid the boss battle
Listening to Granin
After your meeting with Granin, his door will become locked to you but you can still listen to him inside his office. After a few minutes he will start mumbling some curious things while half asleep.
long range pistol/sniper
i just discovered a way to shoot a pistol, as long range as you would a sniper. if you know this then good, if you dont i think this will help you a lot. you can use even if your sniper's unloaded and will be good if your going for no kills, ok...

step 1---- spot your target, usually a guard.

step 2---- aim the crosshairs at his head using L1 (THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE WHILST THE GUARD IS STATIONARY)

step 3---- now release L1, make sure you dont move!!

step 4---- as fast as you can, hold R2 and select the pistol, release R2, DONT MOVE AT ALL!!!

step 5---- now just press sqaure (without moving the gun at all) pulling the trigger on the pistol and watch the guard fall down

NOTE: make sure that when you are changing guns, snake doesnt move and his aim does noy move, this is vital to getting the accurate shot.

this is good to use when your going for no kills or you want to kill a guard from far away but without getting a caution, that leads to reinforcments

Spikey, Watford, England
Lose less stamina
at the begining of the game select i like mgs and you lose less stamina because snake didnt eat any thing at shadow moses
Make Eva vomit
Similar to making Snake spew, when you're escorting Eva to the lake, go into the cure option in the Survival Viewer to look at Eva and then use the analog sticks to spin her around several times. When you resume gameplay, Eva will vomit. Repeat this enough times and she will complain about stomach cramps and say other funny comments but this will also diminish her stamina quicker.
Make Guards Complain
If you come across a store house and you have some tnt or any other explosive e.g c3 c4 grenade blow up the store houses and every 5 seconds a gaurd will complain about hunger.

And for fun if you find a guard near by plant tnt inside the store house then nock from inside the house then run wait untill the guard goes in stand back then detonate
Make Snake Spew
Enter into the survival viewer and push R1 to enable the viewer. Then spin snake around with the analog sticks until you're satisfied and then resume play. Snake will bend over and hock up a little bit of puke. You should note that this brings your stamina down so don't forget to eat more.
Monkey Mask
Get the five best times in Snake Vs Ape to unlock the monkey mask.
Movie Controls
Symbols appear on screen - Move the right analog stick
Singer whispers "Snake Eater" - Press R1
Changes the symbols - Press R3
Credits will make waves as they move across the screen - Rotate the left analog stick
When you have reached the point in the game where you are in the torture cell there are many things you can do here. one is that if you save there, when you next load your game you will be a man attacking a large amount of zombies great game xD

I hope you will try this weird little mini game as id call it . tahtah
No Damage on Motorcycle
If you are trying to get through the game without any kills or life bars taken, the motorcycle scenes will give you trouble. To not have to kill anybody or get shot, put on Volgin's Cold War camo, and face the enemy. They will not shoot as long as you are facing them.
Ocelot Time Paradox
After the cut scene where you first meet Ocelot, knife (or shoot if you have the Patriot) him to death. Once you kill him the game over screen will pop-up and say "OCELOT IS DEAD." Cambell will then yell at Snake for creating a time paradox.
Ocelot's Backstory
To learn more about Ocelot's youth, and his relationship to other person(s) in the game, call EVA repeatedly while standing in the section of the cave with two waterfalls.
Ocolot HELPS
When fighting Volgin first phase, throw some man-made food (Calorie Mate, Rations, Instant Noodles, etc) to Ocelot,

In return he throws you rounds for the saa, and some life recovery medicine
Open the locked doors
If you walk next to some of the doors in the wing, they won't open. But, if you kill or put someone to sleep and carry them, you can open it up. This is good because in one of the rooms, there is a machine gun which is really cool, and they have ammo and grenades in them.
operation: THE SHIELD
If you would like to use CQC with the human shield technique then you should use the fly camo at the same time. if you use a human shield the enemy will just cut you with a knife. just use the fly camo while doing this and you will be almost COMPLETELY invincible! enjoy!
To get different x-ray poses hit R1 twice and you will get funny poses.
Put out the fire when fighting the Fury
In some of the tunnels, there are pipes above you. if you Aim up and Shoot them, water will come out for a while. Some have to pipes so if you shoot both, you will really be safe because when the fury shoots his fire, (you still have to run) the water would put it out fast so you can go back and be safe.
Quick and Easy Way to Kill Volgin (first fight not Shagohod)
Before you get here stock up on TNT and equip the mask.

He will get confused and think your major Raikov at this point lay three tnt charges around him run to the back of the arena type thing and detonate that should take off enough health to cut of to the first cutscene at this point either watch it or skip it and then repeat although this time the mask isnt nesacary because it wont work. That should get you an easy win against him, and its also damn quick as well.
Quick Draw Revolver Duel
During the battle with Major Ocelot, if you unequip your current weapon and stand out in the open for a few seconds, there were be a secret cutscene where Ocelot accepts Snake's challenge for a quick-draw duel. Ocelot will then stand and face off against Snake and the game will automatically switch to First Person View. Quickly equip your weapon again and when you're ready, aim your weapon and fire! (The object of a quick draw duel is to draw your weapon first and fire but not cheat by drawing too early.)
Random Hints
-To get EVA Across Zayozorje Easily,Tranquilize her and drag her all the way.
-In Sokrevveno follow the log in The South-East part of SKRVNO South to come across a hidden path to get to A Large House.it is quite handy.It has lots of ammo and items and a few enemies to kill if you wanna set a record.

The End help-
1:Look up in the bushes and if you see a gleaming white light,Thats Ends Sniper Rifle scope Reflection.Pull out your SVD And spot him quickly-Then SHoot him 2 times in the head and when he's on the ground shoot him again.his health will be halved.

SHagohod Part 2 help-
When Volgin is on top of the Shogohod,RPG the treads and he'll look down to see what the problem is and why the SHGD isn't going.Then pull out your SVD and shoot him in the head when the scope is zoomed in.He'll only have a tiny bit of health left!

Family Facts-
Solid,Naked,Liquid & Solidus
Snake Became big boss and Cloned Three identical Genes.Solid,Liquid & Solidus
So Snake from MGS3 Isn't Solid Snake From SOL or TS!

Ocelots family-
The Boss and The Sorrow Gave Birth to a boy During their partnership.The boy was Ocelot!(Who came to be Revolver Ocelot-Duh!)Boss and Ocelot Do look Kind of simaliar.
>I know this because I found it out By EVA.
After you fight Ocelot And fall into the Cave.Find the torch and start calling EVA.About the 23rd time or so,Snake Will ask Info on Ocelot.
EVA Will Say A legendary Soldier (Boss) Gave Birth to a child but was taken away by Volgin to be raised as the GRU Ocelot Major.EVA Then Said the Pregnancy Cut On the Boss was shaped like an 'S'.
At the end of the game,The Boss Will Show Snake A cut on her Stomach Shaped like An 'S'!
random stuff
easy sorrow win: drown yourself then use the revival pill and u done it

Easy motorcycle chase: use the rpg 7 or scorpion and take advantage of tactical reload and it will take out most of the soldiers

Shagohod/Volgin Easy Win: Instantly get out the RPG-7 and blast at the treads then use the sniper and blast at his head 2-3 times and he will die..... i did this in 5 seconds!!!

Revolver Freestyle Twirling Duel
Similar to the Quick Draw duel. When you meet Major Ocelot at Bolshaya Past Crevice, simply equip the Single Action Army revolver but instead of firing, use the R3 button (Right Analog Stick) to twirl your revolver repeatedly. In a secret scene, Ocelot will then confront you and also twirl his revolver to show off his freestyle twirling tricks. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly.
Revolver Ricochet
As demonstrated by Major Ocelot early in the game, the bullets on the Colt Single Action Army revolver are capable of ricocheting. Simply equip the SAA and fire at a non-volatile structure such as a rock formation, metal crate or wall and watch the bullet deflect off the surface. If mastered properly, this can be used to shoot enemies hiding behind structures or even around corners!
Secret R1 Cutscenes
At three points during the ending, you can hold R1 to look around in first person. It is not indicated that you can use R1 but it's there. There are some small hidden things that can only be seen this way.
See naked Raiden again
When obtaining the uniform from Raikov, the guy who looks and attacks like Raiden, shoot him in the crotch to kill him. During your battle with The Sorrow, a naked raiden will walf down the river hiding his privates, complete with bluring.
Shoot long range with the MK22
A little tricky but very useful once you get the hang of it.
Equip both the Scope and the MK22 (or the other pistol). Then, with the Scope, zoom in to your target. I reccomend a distant guards head
Then, by tapping L2 to deselect the Scope and quickly holding R1 for first person view, you can enter first person view whilst still aiming at precisely the same spot. Learn to do this quickly to avoid problems if the guard moves.
Finally, simply hold up your gun and fire. You can get sniper like precision from long range.
Skip Text Dialog
When ever you get a radio frequency and don't want to press x all the time, hold in the triangle button to skip the dialog.
Sniper Spot
If you don't know, after you get into the hanger (the place where Metal Gear is held) go up teh stairs to your right and kill/tranq the worker at the top. Run over to the left and get in teh middle of the bridge thing. Get out your Sniper Rifle/Tranq Sniper rifle, and shoot the people from there, get the guards first because they go and get more guards(it won't go into alert though). It's a fun Sniper part, instead of only fighting the end with the sniper rifle thats hard to do.
Speed up and Slow down intro animations
To speed up the animations at the start screen hold R1 and to slow them down hold R2.
Starving soldiers ( ILL )
Throughout the game, you will find several storehouses of food, like where you can find weopons and calarie mates, noodles. If you have some TNT in your inventory, plant a piece inside a storehouse, stand back, and detonate it. You'll know the trick worked if the room becomes charred and black.

If you destroy afood one, tey will moan about food making it easier for u to spot them, they will be easier to kill and knockout, tranq. Tey are weaker and mmore rubbish to fight. IF you destroy a weapons one they will have one clip for a AK and then they will either go to there pistol or to a knife...

This helps alot during the game just try not to get caught blowing it up,, keep ur distance
starving soldiers (posion)
Basically after u have destroyed there wharehouse which i explained before, this makes soldiers more hungry therefore if u throw food they will go to it. This can be used to kill them or distract them.

All you need to do it get a posion ed food or animal , or food thats gone of and equip it to your weapons, Throw the food near the enem and they will eat it

After they will collapse to the floor and be dead....

Have fun
Stealth Camo
To get the Stealth camo, shoot or hit every Kerotan frog in the game. Alternatly, get through the whole game without setting off a red alert.

Caution and evasion do not count as alerts.

When you have it, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

The stealth camo bends light around it making the user almost invisible.
If you use it in a light area you wouldnt be able to see yourself.

The down side is that if theres a evasion mode (such as battling the Ocelot unit) it will go down to 95% and you'll become all green making it easy for the enemy to see you.

You'll also go green if your battling a boss as well such as the End and Fear
Stop enemies calling for backup
It's so simple. Just throw a chaff grenade when an enemy spots you and they won't be able to use their radio
in the first faceoff between snake and Volgin, all you have to do is throw stun grenades,and wallllaa!Volgin's stamina will eventually decrease.continue this and you will beat Volgin.
talk to boss on codec
at the start of the game you will have the boss` codec her frequency is 141.80 she will say funny stuff about her sex life!you must do this!
Taming The Bees
After getting the hornet stripe camo (defeating The Pain via stamina kill) you have the ability to 'tame' bees while wearing the hornet stripe uniform. Heres how you do it (while wearing hornet stripe camo): Shoot down a beehive while underneath it (or close enough to it so the bees fall NEAR you). The bees will then be swarming around you! Now go attack some enemys (or go near them) so they can feel the pain.
The 3 Snakes and The End tip.
When you fight The Boss at the end of Snake Eater, go over to the 3 fallen logs in the field of white flowers. next to these logs are snakes I, J and K. (Solid, Liquid and Solidus). each of these give excellent stamina recovery.

During the boss fight with The End, if you are captured and sent to Granini Gorki prison, head out and back to Sokrovenno (where you fight him). As soon as you enter you will see the End's parrot sitting on a tree stump, slightly to the right of the screen if you look straight ahead in FPV.
The 3 Sons Snakes
During the final battle with The Boss, equip the Thermal Goggles and search for 3 snakes in the field. These snakes are Snake Liquid, Snake Solid, and Snake Solidus. Anyone who has played 'The Twin Snakes' will notice that they are the names of the three 'Sons of Big Boss'. Each snake has a great taste and recovers a great amount of stamina.
The End's Mercy
While fighting The End, climb a tree onto a ledge that is easily accessible to the old man. Lay down and take out your sniper rifle, go into first person, and search the trees, not necessarily looking for The End. You will eventually hear his footsteps behind you, but do not turn around. You will get a short cut scene where The End finds you and shoots you one with his rifle. Instead of killing you he says that you don't deserve to die that easily. He then proceeds to pick Snake up and carry him to the nearby jail where he will eventually awaken.
The End: Easy Defeat
Simply save at the start of the fight and then set your ps2s in-built clock a week or more ahead of that day. Then a cut-scene will start showing the end die of old age.
The Fear Tip
Equip Thermal Goggles when the fight starts, equip a meachen gun and hit the fear which will be right above you. If you have rotten food throw it on the ground (if you want a stamina drain). He won't be hard just continue hotting at him and he wont fight back. If your stamina draining, when he gets low he will will search for food and go to the rotten food and it will go lower.
Title Screen Change
After beating the game once, Snake will have an eyepatch on during the CQC fights he has with the Russian guard at the title screen.
TNT... on your back!!!
Did you know? You can stick TNT onto a guard back!!! So, sneak behind a guard , stick the TNT, and when the guard come to a group of guards, detonate it!(but don't forget you can only detonate TNT in the same area)
If you remove the transmitter that you have in your back before you fall in the waterfalls (before the sorrow's fight) you won't see any Ocelot's searching for you but if you keep it than they will appear and search for you. You also get an extra scene with Eva removing it for you in the cave.
Tsuchinoko catching tip
At sokrvenno south, kill all animals (do this after "The End" battle) by using the active sonar when there is one left and you did not see anything there... Eventhough you use thermal goggles its the time putting mousetraps into it... then go away and guard it use sniper rifle or binoculars, if not backtack at sokrovenno north and go back to south if nohting is in the south try north or west it should be there... Then do the same thing.
Volgin Fight
Here's a tip that you will only know if you actually payed attention in your Science lessons. Volgin is extremely deadly in this fight and can drain your life easily. One of his attacks is where he sends a lightning bolt in your direction if you're holding a gun. Metal conducts electricity so all the bullets inside it explode, leaving you with no ammo and lower health. If you use the sedative hankey though, you will not have this problem. Also, regularly perform a CQC throw on him, then roll on his lying body. Once the fight is over, quickly grab his Cold War camo as it is very rare.
Vultures and Snake...
In the mountains with the vultures flying overhead, kill a guard and wait for one of them to come down and start eating. Then kill the vulture, take the 2 packs of meat. Then when you have low stamina or 50%, eat one and watch his response and stamina recovery...It's very....cannibal like.
Also, call Paramedic for a funny codec call if you ate one before she tells you.
Wanna have some fun in Dolinovodno?
Listen to this! You can actually shoot out the support ropes on the bridge that goes over the canyon! It won't completely destroy the bridge, but will make it VERY wobbly. You will know when you shoot one out because the rope will start swinging in the wind. Try shooting them all out then RUNNING over the bridge! It's VERY hard to do!
What do you like?
When beginning a new game you are prompted with three questions:
"This is my first MGS game"
"I like MGS1"
"I like MGS2"
Selecting this is my first MGS game has the regular opening. Selecting I like MGS1 has Snake with no beard in the opening. Selecting I like MGS2 gets you a special intro.
X-Ray Poses
While in the the Cure Screen hit R1 twice this will activate different animations from body building techniques to stances.
Zooming/Camera-panning During Cinemas
At any time during a cut scene you can zoom in on the action by pressing the Triangle button. The harder you push it, the closer it zooms in. Also, while zoomed in you can pan the camera around using the left analog stick.

Easter eggs

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Hanging Bodies :O
I'm on my first way through Graniny Gorki South (the forest area with no soldiers and tooons of booby traps) and.. Did you ever notice that if you look up into the trees, there are scientist bodies impaled on one of the swinging spiked logs, and one that's snare trapped..? I was looking around and saw something that looked like a ghost, and then all of a sudden I was all "omg that's a scientist D:" and I'm looking for a way to get them down, buuut I don't think you can >>

You know.. I never noticed them ever before. Not on my 20-30 runs through the game D8
Main Screen Easter Eggs
L3=Change Design in Background
R3=Change Color
L1=Zoom In
L2=Switch Background Color With Snake
(Ex. If the screen is Green, Snake is Black, and the image of him is a really light yellow snake will turn that yellow.)
Triangle=Make the screen in the background black and snake will be the old screen color.
D-Pad=POSSIBLY changes next scene of Snake killing someone.

Left Analog=Moves direction of screen(Inverted)
Right Analog=Changes Color according to a palette


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100% hidden
When you have the moss camo, put it on while fighting the end, and put on the woodland face paint. lay down on the ground where it is dark green (not the leafs and weeds) you will get 100% hidden. it should work in other areas too. and when you crawl, it will be 95% which is very good too.
1964 ... with modern day magazines
If you look around in the military bases throughout the game (Groznyj Grad, Graniny Gorki, etc.) you can find several modern day gaming magazines on tables, including EGM, GMR, and a few others. Shoot these magazines with a weapon and they will open to a page about Snake Eater. Shoot them again and they will flip to the back cover.
A crossbow arrow glitch
When fighting The Fear, before you beat him, let him hit you a few times with his crossbow. The bolts will stay in your body, and you are supposed to remove them through the Cure menu. If you beat him, you will automatically be healed fully, but the bolts will still be stuck in you for the rest of the game. If you go to your Cure menu, you will see them sticking out of you, but you can't remove them. They are visible with any camo you wear, but not visible during cutscenes.
Action Replay Max Codes

Health Codes

Infinite Health

Max/Infinite Health

Infinite Stamina

Have & Infinite Item/Weapons Codes

Must Be On For Item Codes
This code must be turned ON to activate any item code below. Items will only activate after you receive the backpack. Activate Items From the menu.


Survival Knife


Cigar Gas-Spray


Mk22 Tranquilizer Gun

M1911A1 Pistol

EZ Gun

Single Action Army



XM16E1 Assault Rifle

AK47 Assault Rifle

M63 Assault Rifle

M37 Shotgun

SVD Sniper Rifle

Mosin Nagant




WP Grenade

Stun Grenade

Chaff Grenade

Smoke Grenade







Directional Mic


Life Medicine


Fake Death Pill

Revival Pill



Thermal Goggles

Night Vision Goggles


Motion Detector

Active Sonar

Mine Detector

Anti-Personnel Sensor

Cardboard Box A

Cardboard Box B

Cardboard Box C

Cardboard Box D

Crocodile Cap

Key A

Key B

Key C


Stealth Camouflage

Bug Juice

Monkey Mask

Camouflage/Uniform Items:

Olive Drab

Tiger Stripe


Tree Bark

Choco Chip












Hornet Stripe





Cold War



Desert Tiger







Face Items:

No Paint














Cure Items:





Suture Kit


Snake VS Monkey Codes

L1+L2 For All Monkeys-Stage 1

L1+L2 For All Monkeys-Stage 2

L1+L2 For All Monkeys-Stage 3

L1+L2 For All Monkeys-Stage 4

L1+L2 For All Monkeys-Stage 5

All healing radio frequencies when on very easy/easy difficulty
It depends on the difficulty of the game of what the frequncies will be so here are some of them.(ill post some more later so that i can get more credit for it)
140.01-salty catfish/66 boys
140.52-rock me baby/66 boys
141.24-sea breeze/sergei mantis
142.94-pillow talk/starry.k
144.06-jumpin johny/chunk rasberry
147.08-surfing guitar/66 boys
149.53-dont be afraid/rika muranaka
An Old Favorite
While traveling with EVA, grab her, and interrogate her. She'll tell you a code that involves directions but then she'll say that she doesn't remember the rest of it. The code EVA was talking about was the famous 30 lives cheat code from Contra on the NES.
Battle Tip - Volgin
When fighting Volgin throw a Russian glow cap and it will absorb his lightning attacks for a little bit.
beating bosses
All the bosses lose stamina if you use CQC on them, including The Boss you just have to be better than she is. So that means tapping O to do the punch punch kick combo reduces their stamina and not their health. Just another way of non-lethal victory against them.
Beating The End
If you are having trouble beating The End, at the start of the battle use the Fake Death Pill. The End will run up to you to check if you are dead or not. Revive yourself (The End will then run away) and equip the thermal goggles. You can see his footprints in the ground. Follow them until you catch up with him and shoot him.
Repeat until you kill him
Bird eating a guard "alive"
When you are at the montains, kill a guard. Wait for a bird come and start eating him. Kill the bird and eat it. When you are at the river walking with The Sorrow you will see the bird eating the guard "alive"... It's very funny...
(Sorry for the bad English.)
Blowing up Armories and Supplies
If you interrogate guards, some will tell you there is an armory or a small building nearby with food. You may have recognized these places because the armories have different ammo refills and you may have found food packets. Blow the building up with TNT, and that guards in the surrounding area(s) will complain of starvation, making them easier to knock out, and they always mutter "I'm Hungry" giving you clues about their location.
Classic Konami Cheat
When the Konami logo apears on screen, press the following code

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square Triangle
Distracting Volgin
Before you fight Volgin be sure to capture a living tree frog. When you are fighting him equip the tree frog as a weapon and throw it somewhere where volgin will see it. After he sees it he should say something then jump back he will then be vulnerable for a few seconds(until he kills the frog) allowing you time to get a few cheap shots in.
Eat the Ends Parrot
In the cutscene that begins the battle against The End, his parrot flies away. Search the area using the Thermal Goggles and you will eventualy find a bird sitting in a tree or on a stump behind you. This is also a sign that The End is nearby. You can either kill the bird, which will trigger The End cursing your name and swearing revenge, or capture it. Either way the parrot still appears in the cutscene where The End dies. If you captured the bird, contact Para-Medic to have a conversation about the bird. It offers very little stamina but tastes good. If you killed or captured the bird, it also appears as a ghost during the battle against The Sorrow.
Eve has dirty dreams
When you are in the woods with Eva, shoot her with the tranquilizer gun. She will start talking in her sleep ... and the things she says are quite ... interesting 0_0
Extra Ocelot Scene
At the end of the game when Ocelot gives you a choice on which gun to pick, choose the gun on the left, but DO NOT shoot.
A secret cutscene will happen where Ocelot talks about why you didn't shoot the gun.
Fire Support
At any time during game play, on the second part, Snake Eater, go to your codec menu and tune to station 140.73, and call it. This will call in fire support but you will not be allowed to do this more than once. Because the station will not be used again. Believe me, I saved my game, then used it just to play around and then shut it off. Then I went to use it again later and it wouldn't work. So, do not use this unless in dire need.
Freestyle Twirling Duel
Similar to the Quick Draw duel. When you meet Ocelot at Bolshaya Past Crevice, simply equip the Single Action Army revolver but instead of firing, use the R3 button (Right Analog Stick) to twirl your revolver repeatedly. In a secret scene, Ocelot will then confront you and also twirl his revolver to show off his freestyle twirling tricks. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly.
Funniest Kill Ever
When you first encounter the rope bridge in dremuchij north, wait till an enemy walks along it, and shoot the rope directly beside him. (this works best w/ the sniper rifle) This will cause the man to wobble a bit and go careening over the side, screaming all the way down (a la wile E coyote)
Funny Radio Coversations
(Note:The asterix I put in each coversation depends how funny it is out of 10)

"REAL WOMAN"Conversation:******
Catch a Green Tree Python and call Para-Medic.

"ENGLISH TRADITION"Conversation:********
Equip Choco-Chip Uniform And Call Sigint.

"SHIT" Conversation:**********
Play The "Guy Savage" Nightmare Mini Game And call Sigint.

"MORE POPULAR"Coversation:***
Wear Major Uniform And Mask And call Major Zero.

"IT'S CUTE"Conversation:***
Equip GA-KO Uniform and call Sigint.

"BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT" Conversation:******
Catch a Russian Glow Cap and call Para-Medic.

"WHERE I BELONG" Coversation:*******
Equip a Box and call Sigint.

"I THOUGHT I HAD A GOOD IDEA" Coversation:***
Go Into Chyornij Prud And call Para-Medic.

"UNLIMITED AMMO" Coversation:***
Equip The Patriot And call Sigint

Funny video hidden video clip
Now to unlock this video clip of Snake and EVA in the waterfall all you do is after your beating by Volgin and getting shoot by The Boss you will have a transmitter in your body just leave it in DO NOT remove it once you escape and fight The Sorrow and reach the waterfall you will unlock the Video Clip between Snake and EVA enjoy i know i did
Get croc Hat
To get the croc hat when you first meet eva and go north east and out the gate there is that swamp. well in about the middle-left side of it there is a wall that you can go under. collect the items you need on the other side. Then, go north till you see a tree beside the swamp. Climb it and continue to climb and go across the vines till you will be over a platform at the north part of the lake. here it is..enjoy!
Get Stuff Easily
Stealth Camo: Get no alerts on very easy.
Infinite face paint: Against Ocelot there is a tree to climb. Find it in the forest When you have 'killed' the Fear. Plant moustraps around the bushes near that tree.
Tux, Camera, patriot: finish game
SAA: choose gun on right against ocelot.

These are right cos i've done it myself
green face paint
get all the best records in duel mode on normal. whit this face paint the grip gauge wil not diminish.
Heavy Weapon Rolling Snake Glitch
If you quickly move the Left Analog Stick from right to left or vise versa, Snake would be stock up inside the machine and the only way out is to kill yourself.
Helpful hint when beating The Boss
If you are having a hard time seeing The Boss (because her camoflage matches the white flowers), then use the thermal goggles. You can see her peep around trees to fire at you.

Hidden Bad Ending
When you get to the final battle, wait 10 minutes. After that, you will get the bad ending.
How To Get Moss Suit From "The End"
To get the moss suit you have to hold-up The End.You do this by creeping up on him using the d-pad on your controller to become silent then you point your gun at his head and he will talk and Snake will say 'Freeze'.You then shake your gun left to right using R1 And L1 a few times and he throw you the moss suit.Then after that he chuck a stun grenade and run.This is really easy to get the suit.
Infinity Face Paint
This really isn't that hard to do once you have the 'spirit' and the 'fire' camo.

Beat the game in under 5 hours: as long as you skip the movies and blah blalh blah this shouldn't be too hard.

0 Alert modes, 0 humans killed: Not too hard either as long as you have the spirit camo.

20 or less serious injuries: This is best done with the 'fire' camo on and NEVER stay still during your boss battles, you'll be an easy target for injuries.

25 or less game saves: Come on, that's not so hard.

No special items used: In other words only use your knife and your MK22 through te entire game. Your sonar and active personel will do wonders for you in the game. No stealth or EZ Gun allowed.

Tip: I would wait till you beat the game once to try to get the Infinity Face Paint. You will have all the camo you need to make you invisible.

Info On Unlockables In the game
H.T.G:Stealth Camo Is Unlocked by Shooting 64 Kerotan Toys In the game, OR Finshing The Game With No Alert Modes.When You finsish the game.
It will Say NEW ITEM UNLOCKED and you'll Receive Stealth.If you've shot 64 Kerotans Succesfully,Your grade will be KEROTAN.Also,There is no actual way to find out how many Kerotans you have shot.

Game Play:
Stealth Camoflauge is labelled as STEALTH And Is A light green And Very hard to see.
Your Camo Index Will stay at 100% Always Unless You
A:Grab Somebody In CQC Chokehold
B:Go into alert mode
C:Are Fighting A boss or Special Enemies(Eg.Ocelot unit Or Pursuers)It will turn to 95%
The Stealth Camo Will to off if you get electroctuted or run into an Enemy.
For the Virtuous Mission,Snake will be invisible.
On Operation Snake Eater you can see the Bandana,If you dont like the Bandana There You Can Either Switch to Tuxedo or Put On MASK.

How it Works:
Stealth Camoflauge Is Placed On the left Shoulder.It Constantly injects Into Your shoulder a LCD Mirror Wave through your body.It takes the Exact Shape of your Body,And bends all Visible Light Around,Than Switches to the opposite direction Causing the body to take on the exact Shape of The background,depending on where it is Viewed.
It turns the body ALMOST Invisible.
Informally;Making the body Look like water,shaped into a human shape.
Because The LCD waves Are Streaming through your body,It drains your stamina and energy alot.
The Reflection Systems are straining so much.
So when Lots of motion is in Use,The Camoflague is more visible.
Light Picks up the Different to Waves Around the body parimater,So The shadow is showen very lightly.
-Information By Kanlirikkun Fox-Me!
Inro Movie Mess Arounds
When The Intro Movie Plays... Press These

Changes opening credits to 4 different languages and into slithering snake bones.
Changes the symbols

Rotate the left analog stick
Credits will make waves as they move across the screen
D-pad buttom
little circles come up to the screen.
Press R1
Singer whispers "Snake Eater"
Move the right analog stick Symbols appear on screen
Interrogating Guards
If you interrogate certain guards, you can find out about Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP, hidden radio frequencies, and other random things.
Johnny is funny
After being captured and waking up in the cell, throw back the food 3 times to see the scene where the soldier tells you his and his sons name (Johnny). Now wait a few minutes, Johnny will bend over, hold his stomach and will then run to the toilet. As a bonus, he will say some hilarious sentences like "Wow, that's a record!" or "Will that even flush?"
Kerotans are little toy frogs. If you find one shoot it or punch it if it's close enough three times to break it. Be warned, however, each time you attack it, it will emit a noise that can alert guards of your presence. If you break all the kerotans, you can unlock bonuses.
kill gavial crocodile
To kill the gavial crocodile, instead of shooting it with your gun throw a grenade in it's mouth and it will explode. After that pick up all the rations. Have fun!
Kill The End early
You can kill the End easily without having to find him and snipe him or setting your PS2 clock 1 week ahead. All you have to do is,when you get to the area where you see a cut-scene with the fear,the end,volgin,tatyana and the boss if you watch carefully you will notice that no-one has taken the end back inside.So take out your sniper rifle and shoot him but do it quickley because he will try to get away.
Kill The Fear easily
When you fight against the fear take all the food on the ground dont forget nothing throw the useless things and keep amanites throw them everywhere whe the fear go down to restore is stamina he will get poisoned and it will kill him in a few minutes
Konami Code
When the very first Konami logo appears, enter the following:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle
To Change the names in the intro movie to the names of the people who designed the intro.
M63 Fun
When your in Groznyj Grad look around for a weapons depot, and you should find an M63. Equip it and hold down the fire button. After a few seconds snake will get a bit carried away 0.0
Make Raikov go to the toilet
After destroying the food storehouse for Groznyj Grad, go to the bathroom stall that Raikov retreats to and drop some rotten food. Wait for Raikov to enter the stall and he will eat the food. The door will lock and Raikov will begin to experience some extreme bowel troubles! Knock on the door for some humorous dialogue.
Make The End weaker
If you shoot The End with the SVD (sniper rifle) at the Ponizovje Docks, but DO NOT kill him (he'll wheel himself through the red door), he will start with less Health/Stamina when you fight him later in the game.
Mess With The Title Screen
You can mess around with the title screen by pressing different buttons:

Triangle button - Turns the background black so that you can only see Snake fighting the soldier

L1 button - Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.

L2 button - Changes the color of Snake and the soldier.

R1 button - Speeds up the Snake vs. soldier animation.

R2 button - Slows down the Snake vs. soldier animation.

L3 button - Changes the background design.

R3 button - Changes the screen's color.
Metal Gear Acid Password
When entering 'Graniny Gorki Lab, 1F' (An area in which you must wear the scientist disguise), interrogate the first guard you see in the lobby. The 3rd time you interrogate him, he'll reveal a password for Metal Gear Acid: 'J E H U T Y'
MGS3 Unlockables
Extreme Difficulty Mode - Complete the game once

Patriot - Complete the game once

Tuxedo Camouflage - Complete the game once

Banana Camouflage - Get the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey

Snake vs. Monkey levels 4 and 5 - Complete the game once

Moss Camo - Defeat The End by sneaking up behind him during battle and pointing a gun at him. He will lay on the ground. Point the gun at his head three times, aiming elsewhere when he speaks.

Mosin Nagant - Defeat The End/MK22 only

Stealth Camouflage - Find and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game.

Sneaking Suit - It is located in the Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad)

Mechanic Uniform - It is in the Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at)

Colt Single Action Army - When Ocelot gives you a choice between two guns (at the end), choose the gun on the right.

Intro movie on title screen - Complete the Virtuous Mission

Stealth Camouflage (alternate method) - Beat the game with no alerts
No Damage Through Torture
Hold L2 during the entire torture sequence to not recieve any damage when Volgin punches you. It must remain held down until cutscene where he leaves otherwise any damage that would have been done is still dealt.
Obtainable Facepaint and Uniforms.
Most camos can be found lying in the Jungle at relatively well hidden locations. Some camos have to be downloaded using a network adaptor and a memory card.

Get This - By Doing This
Facepaint Snow - Bolshaya Past Base, In the fox hole on the left side of the middle building
Camo Water - Bolshaya Past Base.
Camo Chocolate Chip - Bolshaya Past South.
Camo Splitter - Bolshaya Past South.
Camo Ga-Ko - Chyornyj Prud, underwater in northeast.
Facepaint Zombie - Dolinovodno during snake eater mission. Behind the building.
Camo Mummy - Download it to your memory card.
Camo Grenade - Download it to your memory card.
Camo Rain Drop - Dremuchij North, under the rope bridge on the far side.
Facepaint Rain Drop - Dremuchij North, under the rope bridge.
Uniform Scientist - Given to you by Eva.
Facepaint Oyama - Graniny Gorky Lab, Exterior. In the air duct.
Uniform Maintenance - Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker. Same time as the Sneaking Suit.
Uniform Sneaking Suit - Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. In the locker with the red stripe.
Camo Snow - Peschera Cave, on the right branch before the Pain.
Facepaint Desert - Ponizovje Warehouse.
Uniform Officer - Steal it from Raikov.
Ocelot's Family!!!
After the first battle with Ocelot and you go down the Cliff and your in the caves. Keep contacting Eva to hear that Ocelot is accually the son of the boss and the sorrow!!! that's creepy...
Planting C3 Very Easy
When you get to the West Wing for the second time, take a right up the stairs, but kill the guy before you get up there.

Go to the left until you reach the Middle. From here you can Snipe every person without getting spotted, and go back down to plant the C3 with no problem.

It's a fun and one of the few places you can Snipe without having to worry about the alarm.

This works for SVD and the Mosin, it's much easier to do this if you're trying to get no kills/alerts/continues.
r.gavial hat
first go to the large swamp that opens at area after the first mission where boss defects

now after eva slams the door open with the bike swim to where you are close to the next area

first: go to the place that is blocked by two logs [to the left of the main screen]

second: you should see a tree which is climable first climb up the tree

third: then press the action button where the tree branch connects to a rope
cross over the rope and then climb down the tree after you fully crossed the rope

then do the same thing as you go over the next rope and then another

you should come to a small hill unreachable by foot a box down there is the gavial hat so jump off the rope when your sure your over it and get it

this will make R.gavials angry once you wear it and they will do one hit kills on you
Radio Frequencies
Open your Radio Screen and enter these frequencies:-

Cancels Alert mode only once 144.40

Don't Be Afraid/ Rika Muranka 141.85

Surf Music 148.39

Pillow Talk/Starry K. 148.96

Jumpin' Johnny 147.96

Jumpin' Johnny/Chunk Raspberry 144.86

Fire Support Request 143.98

Opens a door to the Scorpion (Submachine gun with laser sight) in the East Weapons Lab on the first floor. 148.13
Raiden Mask

When starting the game, choose "I like MGS2!" to start the game with a raiden mask. Later, once snake takes it off, you can put it back on from the start menu and use it as a face mask.
Regain stamina without food
After obtaining the Ends camo,put on the thurmal googles and find a spot with direct sunlight.
I descoverd this cheat by "Stalking" the End whilst he was healing him self in the light,Also find the Ends Parrot and capture it then release it (it's a DEAD GIVE AWAY).
Reveal The End's Location On Your Map
During your battle with The End, press Start to go to the Survival Viewer. Select 'Map' and enter the following code:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle

A red dot will appear giving you the location of The End. When you exit the menu and come back to it though, you will have to re-input the code.

Secret Message
When you die and the words GAME OVER come up on the screen, sit there for about 20 seconds and the letters start to shift around. It finishes off by saying 'Time Paradox' since you died and MGS2 is set a few decades after this game.
Secret R1 Cutscenes
At the end of Virtious Mission, Hold R1 in the cutscene after Snake has healed himself. You will be able to look around when it is not indicated that you can and you can see The Sorrow's body.

After you've climbed the mountain, hold R1 during the cutscene where Snake is spying on Volgin on the base. You can see The Boss ride off on her horse and EVA do the "handgesture".

After being tortured, hold R1 as Ocelot leaves the room. The Boss does the "handgesture".

After defeating the Shagohod, hold R1 and when EVA goes to hug Snake you can see The Sorrow behind her.

After defeating The Boss, when her horse walks up, hold R1. You can see the ghosts of The Boss and The Sorrow.

When the President goes to shake Snake's hand, hold R1 and look to the left. Ocelot is outside the window.

When Snake is at the graveyard, hold R1. His eye tears up and you can't see much.
see funny facts about EVA
When travelling with EVA stand near here and go into the cure menu. Select EVA as you would if you wanted to cure her. Then go into viewer by pressing R1 as you would with snake. The press R2 to look at her medical records it will say funny things like sprained finger, broken fingernail, breast enhancements. You can also see what food she has eaten by pressing right when viewing medical records and see all the posh food
Skip End Battle
Save after you begin battle with The End. Restart your PS2 and set the clock one week ahead. You'll get a call notifying you of The End's death.
Skip End Boss Battle
After caves and after the river with the guards on the hovercrafts, enter the next area and a cutscene will begin. As soon as the cutscene ends pull out your SVD sniper rifle and aim it at The End in his wheelchair. Before he gets taken away, shoot the guard in the head, then shoot The End in the head a few times. If done corectly The End will say something and explode. Later in the game when you get to the jungle where the fight was supposed to be, you wont have to fight him and the jungle will be filled with guards from the Ocelot unit.
Snakes Nightmare
There's a chance to save right after Snake is captured in Groznyj Grad. Save your game at that point and whenever you load that data you'll be in Snake's nightmare. This short game is only accessible by loading from that save data.
Stealth Camo (Alternate way)
A way to get the Stealth camo is by beating
the camo with no Alerts, your ranking
should look like this too:
Difficulty - Irrelevant
Play Time - Irrelevant
Save - Irrelevant
Continue - Irrelevant
Alert Phase - 0 Times (Must have zero alerts. If you have a "1" or higher in this category, you will not obtain the Stealth Camo)
Humans Killed - Irrelevant
Seriously Injured - Irrelevant
Total Damage - Irrelevant
Life Medicine Used - Irrelevant
Plants & Animals Captured - Irrelevant
Meals Eaten - Irrelevant
Special Item - Irrelevant

Also, if you get an alert, save the game
and put in the "in-game rest" code,
which is, L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select you
will start from the area where you saved except the alert will be gone.

Note: Cautions or Evasions, do not count as
alerts, because in the game when you meet EVA
in Rassvet the Ocelet Unit decides to visit in
the morning.
The 3 way kill on The End
Now most people hate having to kill this old sniper rife pro but here are three ways to take him down.

"Shoot him as he sleeps"
Now this one lets you kill him with out a fight all you havbe to do is when you see The Boss talking about the The End to Vulcan as The End sleeps in his wheelchair right after the video clip pull out your Sniper Rife and shoot The End in the head and you don't have to fight him later but where you would fight him is a bunch of goons.

"Take him head on"
This one is the normal way to kill him this way you can get his camo and the normal video clip of his death now not much has to be said here just look for him look for his foot prints and follow him use your mic to hear him snoring or cursing (If you killed his pet bird)

"Old age takes it's toll"
This way is the most easyest and fastest all you do is when you first start up the fight with The End stop save your game and get out of the game then move your Playstations time forward one week (7 days) then go back in to your game and watch the clip

So there you have it the 3 way kill guide for The End pick which you will do and enjoy the game
The Big Boss Camo.
You have to have everyone's costume. The Pain, The Fear, The End, The Fury, The Sorrow, The Bannana, The Snake, The Beginning costumes, The Ga-Ko, Major Riakov, The Cold War, and all the others. Then save and CALL SIGINT. and he will say everything about your costumes. Then He'll say something teh next time you're going through the game. And Vouala.
The Dead Want You
Now if you thought the people you kill will never hurt you well your wrong your past kills will come back to haunt you now every person you kill will come back to get you later in the game in your fight with The Sorrow so don't kill anybody unless you have to if you don't kill many people then they will not hurt you later on and you will not have to worry to much about dying in your fight with The Sorrow

Less kills = Less dead people to try to kill you later

More kills = More dead people and more of a chance to be killed in that fight before you reach The Sorrow
The End Wheelchair Wheel Hitting Snake
When You Pull Out The SVD And Shoot The End In The Head When He Explodes One Of The Wheels From His Wheelchair Will Fly Up And Then Hit Snake.
The Reason why Snake hate Bats and Vampires.
Catch/Kill a Vampire Bat, then call Para-Medic, you will know why Snake hate Bats and Vampires.
Unlock opening movie
To unlock the opening movie (the movie before the title screen), beat the prologue mission before Operation: Snake Eater.
Unlockable Ending rankings
Every difficulty setting has unique unlockable rankings that may be unlocked depending on your performance throughout the game. Below are the possible unlockable rankings and the requirements to unlock them.

Ostrich - Extreme Difficulty Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times
Rabbit - Hard Difficulty Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times
Mouse - Normal Difficulty Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times
Chicken - Easy and Very Easy Difficulties Alert Mode over 300 times, Kill over 300 people, Eat more than 31 Meals, Play Time over 30 hours, Continue over 60 times, Save over 100 times
Kerotan - Special Ranking Shoot all 64 Kerotan Frogs
Markhor - Special Ranking Every Plant and Animal Captured, Cure Supply Plant, and non animal-plant item (RC Mate, Noodles, etc.)
Tsuchinoko - Special Ranking Clear game with living Tsuchinoko captured
Chameleon - Special Ranking No alerts, kills, continues, or Life Medicines used
Leech - Special Ranking Clear the Game with Leech attached
Pigeon - Special Ranking No Kills
Night Owl - Extreme Ranking No Alerts
Flying Fox - Hard Ranking No Alerts
Bat - Normal Ranking No Alerts
Flying Squirrel - Easy and Very Easy Ranking No Alerts
Eagle - Extreme Ranking Play Time under 5:00
Hawk - Hard Ranking Play Time under 5:00
Falcon - Normal Ranking Play Time under 5:00
Swallow - Easy and Very Easy Ranking Play Time under 5:00
Cow - Special Ranking Alert Mode raised over 300 times
Whale - Extreme Ranking Kill over 300 Humans
Mammoth - Hard Ranking Kill over 300 Humans
Shark - Normal Ranking Kill over 300 Humans
Piranha - Easy and Very Easy Ranking Kill over 300 Humans
Elephant - Normal Ranking Over 31 Meals Eaten
Pig - Easy and Very Easy Ranking Over 31 Meals Eaten
Giant Panda - Extreme Ranking Play Time over 30 hours
Sloth - Hard Ranking Play Time over 30 hours
Capybara - Normal Ranking Play Time over 30 hours
Koala - Easy and Very Easy Ranking Play Time over 30 hours
Hippopotamus - Extreme Ranking Save over 100 times
Zebra - Hard Ranking Save over 100 times
Deer - Normal Ranking Save over 100 times
Cat - Easy and Very Easy Ranking Save over 100 times
Scorpion - Any Difficulty 1-20 Alerts, 0-40 continues, 1-100 kills
Tarantula - Any Difficulty 1-20 Alerts, 0-40 continues, 101-299 kills
Centipede - Any Difficulty 1-20 Alerts, 41 or more continues, 1-100 kills
Spider - Any Difficulty 1-20 Alerts, 41 or more continues, 101-299 kills
Jaguar - Any Difficulty 21-50 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills
Panther - Any Difficulty 21-50 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills
Leopard - Any Difficulty 21-50 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills
Puma - Any Difficulty 21-50 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills
Jackal - Any Difficulty 51-80 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills
Doberman - Extreme Ranking No Special Item used, 1 Alert, 0 Kills, Under 3 Life Meds, Under 5:15 play time, 0 continues
Fox - Hard Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues
Fox - Extreme Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues
Foxhound - Extreme Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues
Alligator - Any Difficulty 81-249 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills
Komodo Dragon - Any Difficulty 81-249 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills
Crocodile - Any Difficulty 81-249 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills
Iguana - Any Difficulty 81-249 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 1-100 Kills
Hyena - Any Difficulty 51-80 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 101-299 Kills
Mongoose - Any Difficulty 51-80 Alerts, 41 or more Continues, 1-100 Kills
Tasmanian Devil - Any Difficulty 51-80 Alerts, 0-40 Continues, 101-299 Kills
Doberman - Hard Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues
Doberman - Normal Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues
Hound - Extreme Ranking No Special Item used, 2 Alerts, 0 Kills, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues
Hound - Hard Ranking No Special Item used, 1 Alert, 0 Kills, Under 3 Life Meds, Under 5:15 play time, 0 continues
Hound - Normal Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 50 saves, 0 continues
Hound - Easy Ranking No Special Item used, 0 Alerts, Under 10 Life Bars of Damage, 0 Kills, 0 Life Meds, Under 5:00 play time, under 25 saves, 0 continues
Orca - Extreme Ranking Kill 250 or more Humans
Get This | By Doing This
Colt Single Action Army | Choose the gun on the right during the final duel.
Camera | Complete the game once
Extreme Difficulty Mode |Complete the game once
Patriot | Complete the game once
Tuxedo Camouflage | Complete the game once
Snake vs. Monkey levels 4 and 5 | Complete the game once
The Boss Uniform | Defeat her by draining her Stamina only
Moss Camo | Defeat The End/MK22 only
Mosin Nagant | Defeat The End/MK22 only
Stealth Camoflauge | Find and shoot all 51 Kerotan frogs spread through out the game.
Stealth Camouflage | Find and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game.
Banana Camouflage | Get the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey
Sneaking Suit | In Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad)
Mechanic Uniform | In Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at)
Use the parrot to your advantage
During your battle with The End, if you capture his parrot (use a tranquilizer pistol) and then set it free, the parrot will squawk and circle over The End's head; revealing his sniper position and allowing you to shoot him. After you shoot him, The End will then relocate and you can recapture the parrot and repeat this method until The End is defeated. If you find it difficult to recapture the parrot, move to another Sokrovenno area and then return and the parrot should be perched at one of its usual spots. If you find it difficult to spot the parrot circling over The End, use your directional microphone and listen for The End scolding his [loud mouth] parrot.
volgins boyfriend
when in the boss fight with volgin put the raiden mask on, volgin will think you are officer who you stole the uniform from, he will respond by sayin "ivan is that you" you can then pump him with lead.
this only works once so make us of it
ZZZ (put Snake to sleep)
You can make yourself fall asleep by equiping the hankerchief, and wiping it in the air about 3 times. After the 3rd time "Z's" will appear above your head and you will collaspe!