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Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story cheats, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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easy money
in the town of delfoy there is a repeatable quest where you have to kill evils in the south wood (by the floating leaves). for this you get a little money (just over 1000.) and a little xp (just over or just under 400) but the main reward is the item you get (some dumpling things that reduce sp useage) the 3 of them sell for 1,800 save those up and do the quest as many times as you want. 3 dumplings is your reward for each time you complete this quest so 3x10=30=18000 gold easy and if you are a high level then shouldnt take you more than a few mins. rinse and repeat.
Money Mine
Invest on a "Supreme Pickaxe" weapon, because you will need it for mining rock.
  • Get out of Amarance town, go to the left side and walk until you see a Mountain Murdoc.
  • next to it, there is a rock which gives you some decent value of gems or metal. Run a few trips between the Rock and the town shop, you will eventually fatten up your wallet