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Puzzle Solving
Assign most of your villagers to work on the research table will store up tech points faster, and tech points are essential-need for this game.
  • Puzzle 1 The Well: next to the berries bush, there is a covered well, a builder can uncover the well.
  • Puzzle 2 The Hut: once you have a builder, you can start construct a new hut next to the "research table"
  • Puzzle 3 The Beach: clear away the debris and wood piece from the beach
  • Puzzle 4 The School: a master scientist can turn the "long hut" to be a school, so that the villager offsprings are born with skills.
  • Puzzle 5 The Lagoon: left-top corner of the village, lvl 2 construction + builder will let you clear out the blockage of the lake.
  • Puzzle 6 The Magic Fish of Fertility: lvl 3 farming + a master farmer will able to find the magic fish in Lagoon (may require a few try - swimming)
  • Puzzle 7 The Cemetery: lvl 2 spirituality + a dead villager (die from sickness or ageing), the villagers will pick up the skeleton and bury it at the right-top corner
  • Puzzle 8 Herb Mastery: select one of the villagers as a healer, and get him to study the plant below the lagoon + a cactus next to the giant stone + a purple lily on the right-middle + a strange plant below the dead flower bed on the left-corner (may require few try for the doctor trainee to gain some healing skills)
  • Puzzle 9 The Garden: a builder + lagoon water the dead flower bed on the left-middle
  • Puzzle 10 The Magic Plant of Life: golden child + completed Puzzle 9 & 14, pick the golden child to the "fruitless plant" by the Lagoon
  • Puzzle 11 The Temple: lvl 3 construction + a master builder (you can keep training the builder to fix the hut to get more construction skills if everything is built but the villager hasn't reach the master level)
  • Puzzle 12 The Idol: locate just below the lagoon, it requires lvl 3 construction + lvl 3 spirituality + completed puzzle 11 + a builder
  • Puzzle 13 The Golden Child: completed Puzzle 5 & 12 + lvl 3 fertility + a nursing mother (this is a gifted child)
  • Puzzle 14 The Butterflies: pick the golden child to the flower bed, let the butterflies to follow him
  • Puzzle 15 The Treasure: lvl 3 construction + lvl 3 science + a master builder + completed puzzle 13, the treasure is located at the cross section of the temple (9 o'clock) and the food bin (6 o'clock), just imagine there is an invisible line
  • Puzzle 16 The Cave: a golden child will move away the Giant Stone next to the cactus when he is in a good mood.