Tiny Tower (iPhone) Cheats

Tiny Tower cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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Assign a job matching business type
Each shop has its name on top on the shop, and each colour represents their business category. If you are struggling how to match a better hire, then use the colour as a reference to help finding a right employee selection.
Double Stock Quantity
Match a Bitizen's dream job to an existing shop, will double up stock quantity. For example Ryan Harris's dream job is "Sky Burger", and you assign him to "Sky Burger" shop in your tower, by matching it will increase his satisfaction, and it will give you double quantity in one stock item.
Extra Towerbux / Time jump Error
Change the iphone Date to match a Bitizen's b-day will give you extra towerbuck, and if you keep doing it for all the Britizens, it will give you unlimited towerbuck.

changing the date to future date may not necessary give your extra towerbuck from b-day, but instead it will give you more money as the stocks will be ALL sold out by then, that also mean the construction is undergoing will be done. However, there is a higher chance that jumping the time gap will corrupt the game, and let one or more of your stores close for a long time. In my case: i jumped three months ahead, and I need 2137 towerbucks to bring the Casino back to restock status.

*How to fix it?
change the date to the present then back to the future date, it will fix the bug (it may need more than one adjustment).

*Missing the foot traffic in your tower?
terminate the app or reboot your phone will solve the problem.


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(null)s dream job and two free tower bucks
Ok so you need to have a sushi bar and the LAST(right) slot available. Now go into the sushi bar and click on the right EMPTY job position as soon as you do that quickly click anywhere on the screen and it should say "give (null) a job at the sushi bar?" click yes and then it will say "you have given (null) their dream job you have been awarded two tower bucks!". This glitch WILL NOT corrupt the game and you do not have to set the time to any specific point, in fact just don't mess with the time at all. You can do this as many times as you want! It will most likely take you a few tries to get it but once you get the hang of it it will be easy! And it's funny how it says their dream job but once you go into the BitBook she or he just sits there and complains! And the person should be Joan Burns, that writes all the stuff in the BitBook.have fun! Enjoy the game!!