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The Secret of Grisly Manor (iPhone) Cheats

The Secret of Grisly Manor cheats, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.


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How to find next clue (step by steps)
Follow the following instructions to find the Hidden Objects.

1) Entrance Key: hidden behind a brick, by the door near entrance staircase
2) Matches : on the dinning room table
3) Password 1: hidden at the picture frame by the stairway
4) butterfly jewellery: 2/F grandpa bedroom, butterfly collection on the wall
5) Chess piece: under the pink room's bed
6) Goldfish: by the pink room's nightstand
7) Key in the Chessboard: solve #5, then open 2/F locked door, which leads to the loft
8) Magnet (loft's box): finish the puzzle + use #4 butterfly (also memorize the symbols for later use)
9) Tree Log: found outside of the house, by the shed
10) Light-up the fireplace: use #9 + #2 to start the fire
11) Tuning Fork (Main floor underneath the carpet)): use # 8 to retrieve the Fork in order to open the shed.
12) Wooden Eagle (Shed): put the eagle back with the rest above the fireplace, turn them according with the picture position (hint: 2/F children drawing) to retrieve the Fuse
13) Wooden Hammer (Shed): use it to break the piggy bank at the 2/F grandpa's bedroom to retrieve a Token
14) Fuse: hidden in the wooden Eagle stand
15) Token: use it to retrieve Heart shaped ruby in the Gumball Machine (dinning room)
16) Ruby (for Study Room): retrieve ice pick + cabinet knob for the kitchen
17) Wench: use Ice Pick to break open the freezer
18) Rusty Key (for shed): use the door knob to open the drawer
19) Password 2: user #18 to retrieve the key at the shed
20) Fuse box (hidden pathway in the washroom): use #17 to turn the switch above the bath tub
21) Hidden Shortcut to the Study room: use #14 to connect the power back
22) Golden Key: after #21, key can be found on the study's desk
23) World's Fair Poster: go back to the hidden pathway to switch off the power, then go back from the washroom to the Study room.
24) Globe (in the living room): use the hint from #23, find the matching "Love" colour on the fridge
25) Sealed wooden Box: gain the box from #24, then toss the box into the fireplace
26) Ornate Rod: use #22 to retrieve it on the main floor stairway
27) Hidden basement (outside, tree trunk): use #26 to let the lightening strike open the pathway
28) Symbol Light-up: in #8 where you found the symbols, then once you correctly light-up the symbol, it reveals the hint for the Clock (dinning room)
29) Bath tub stopper: use the hint from #28 to turn the cuckoo clock to corresponding position, then use the stopper on the tub, put your #6 inside
30) 5 oz weight: fill the empty fish bowl with water, then go back to the fireplace, pour the water on the fireplace
31) Safe-T-Lock: put #30 on the study room's scale, then use the combined password #3 + #19 to open the safe. Get the Iron key from the safe
32) Iron key: use it on the basement door on the Main floor
33) rotate the three switch