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Unlockable Characters

UnlockableHow to unlock
BrodyCollect 350,000 coins.
FrankCollect 40,000 coins.
FreshCollect three Boomboxes.
FrizzyCollect 150,000 coins.
KingCollect 80,000 coins.
LucyCollect 7,000 coins.
NinjaCollect 20,000 coins.
Prince KCollect 980,000 coins.
SpikeCollect three Guitars.
TagbotCollect 12,000 coins.
TashaCollect 30,000 coins.
TonyCollect 95,000 coins.
TrickyCollect 3 Caps.
YutaniCollect 3 Spaceships.
ZoeCollect 120,000 coins.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on March 01, 2013


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Mystery Box

Use more than one finger when opening "Mystery Box", and it will get you more than one item.
Verified by: samnit17 Submitted by: anonymous on August 22, 2012