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Skee-Ball HD Cheats

Skee-Ball HD cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
A Box of QuackersPurchase Petri the Duck.
All 20sRoll into only the 20s holes in one game.
All 50sRoll into only the 50s holes in one game.
Amazing Skee BallerScore 1,200 points on one game.
Avast Mateys! Treasure Ho!Purchase the Treasure Map.
Best. Score. Ever.Score 8,000 points in one game.
Champion Skee BallerScore 800 points in one game.
Cheese It! Before They Realize What Happened!Purchase Some Kid's Tickets.
Don't Burn Your House Down!Purchase the Mini Disco Light.
Don't Worry, Ball HappilyPurchase the Smiley Ball.
Every Hole in the GameRoll into every hole in one game.
Finally, The No Homework On Friday Bill Will Get PassedPurchase a US Senate Seat.
Fresh From the Carnegie DeliPurchase the Pastrami Sandwich
God-Like Skee BallerScore 6,000 points in one game.
Guaranteed Entrance to the Club on a Friday NightPurchase the Gorilla Bodyguard.
Hotshot Expert Skee BallerScore 4,000 points in one game.
It's Good To Own LandPurchase the Farmstead in Oklahoma.
Mullets Are Still FashionablePurchase the Giant Mullet Wig.
Now To Shoot An Epic Fantasy Film!Purchase New Zealand.
Now To Take Over The World!Purchase the Robot Henchman.
OMG Hugz!Purchase a hug.
PEW PEW PEWPurchase the 8-Bit Ball.
Perfect Game!Score all 100s in one game.
Prepare To Scoop Dragon PoopPurchase the Pet Dragon.
Proficient Skee BallerScore 500 points in one game.
Re-Verify Our Range To TargetOne Ping Only - Purchase the Nuclear Submarine.
Rising Skee BallerScore 250 points in one game.
Says Here It's a Doyouthinkasaurus RexPurchase the Dinosaur Egg Ball.
Scare Your Siblings!Purchase the Pinktoe Tarantula.
She's Smiling! Right? Right. Right?Purchase the Mona Lisa.
So You Finally Caved and Bought One?Purchase the Peruvian Flute Band CD.
The Ultimate Skee BallerScore 5,000 points in one game.
Virtuoso Skee BallerScore 2,000 points in one game.
Well Shut My Mouth and Paint Me RedPurchase the Oversized Cowboy Hat.
With Great Power Comes Great ResponsibilityPurchase the X-Ray Glasses.
You'll Have a Glow in the Dark TonguePurchase the Glow in the Dark Sucker.
You've Got Real Solar FlairPurchase the Sun Ball.