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Getting Friends
Many people wonder how to get friends on this game besides knowing them in real life. Well, I've got the solution.

Yes, use the app store. All you have to do is go to the My Star page on the App Store. Go to the reviews for My Star. Many people say they love the game, but that's not the point. The point is look closely at the reviews. Many people will put their Friend Codes in the title of the app itself or in the actual review. Now comes the hard part. Get a writing untencil and a blank piece of paper. Now write down every friend code there. Yep, all of them. Now don't go adding them all to your friends at the very moment. Add just the first ten and cross them off your list. Now wait a week. You will see that you now have friends. You might also have some people on your friends list who haven't accepted. You can now remove them or wait. After removing them (or waiting), add the next 10. Then repeat the process. Repeat this process until you are all out of people on the list, or you get bored. But don't forget to check the app store every now and then.
Submitted by: vader7265 on May 07, 2011
Money-Making Strategies
There are lots of ways to make money, however, here are some strategies you can use:

1. Friends
It's great to have friends in this game because you can jam with them for cash. The good thing is, both you and your friend get money when you jam together. So, add lots of friends and jam with them as much as possible.

2. Make a Daily Task List
This is a great thing to do for cash because some activities have a 24 hour cool down. I call these "dailies" and I put them together and call them "daily tasks". Do these every day and you are sure to get money. The dailies include: jamming, a studio recording, and playing instruments that take 24 hours to complete the exercise.

3. Sell Items
As you level up, you'll gain cooler furniture. You'll often want it. But, you may not have enough room to put the furniture in, or not have enough room to put it in. Do not fear, just sell the items you want to replace because you may not want to keep your wooden chair all the way to level 20.

4. Practice the Highest Exercise Possible
You may notice that new exercises are available over time for your instruments. You may also notice that these exercises take longer. Always do the ones that take the longest. You may not want to wait 1 hour, but it makes better money than playing 12 five minute exercises.

5. Do the Tasks
When you first start out, your agent will offer you a ton of tasks. Do them all, even though some of these require money. You will make more money than you spend.

That's all for now. Have fun making money. ^^
Submitted by: vader7265 on May 07, 2011