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Minecraft – Pocket Edition Cheats

Minecraft – Pocket Edition cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for iPhone.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Passwords

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In-game Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
/op meit can op yourself
/havecan let you have anything you want
/pet sheepa pet sheep
/pet piga pet pig
/pet cowa pet cow
/pet chickena pet chicken
/updatecan let you have stuff from a new update
/flymakes you fly in survival
/boostmakes you faster
/diamondsmakes you have 64 diamonds
/vanishmakes you vanish
/un vanishmakes you to unvanish
/goldengives you a stack of good ingots
/gamemode switchallows you to switch your gamemode between creative and survival
/timechangeswitches time between night and day
/give irongives you a block of iron
/redstonegives you a piece of redstone
/chainmillgives you invincibility
Submitted by: luis964, luis964 on June 15, 2014

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Tips

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Don't worry about using the 'jump' button to get over single blocks as you will auto-jump them. Just use the 'jump' button when you really need it.
Submitted on June 24, 2012
You can create otherworldly designs that float in the air as gravity doesn't affect blocks as long as they are attached to another one.
Submitted on June 24, 2012
Many Book Shelves
If you craft a book shelf and destroy it you will get three book shelves out of one.
Submitted on June 24, 2012
Performance Boost
If you find your device is slowing down, switch off "visual effects" under "options", it will help on the performance
Submitted by: anonymous on April 05, 2012

Minecraft – Pocket Edition Glitches

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99+ everything
Make somebody join your local server, and place the items u want to Duplicat in their hot bar, then press the home button on your Iphone (while your friend or the person who joined u is still connected) then open another app untill the person who joins u disconnects. Then go back on the alredy opened minecraft and let them join you again everything in the hot bar should be 99+.
Submitted by: kimbo4323 on December 30, 2013
Better duplication
Get two players in one server. The player that has joined the server needs to fill up their inventory with anything. The host dosent fill their inventory. Get both players to look into the same chest. Place what you want into the chest. Get both players to grab the same thing in that chest. If you do it right, you can fill the host's inventory in one go. Sometimes the item that was duplicated will stay in the chest.
Submitted by: Weeksy77 on June 15, 2014
Unlimited Anything
Requires: 1 Chest and 1 (Item You Want To Duplicate)
If You Want To Duplicate A Item In A Multiplier World but don't want to quit out here is how: Get A Chest Put A Item In The Chest (Only Item)
Your Inventory has to be empty so does the chest, Make The Other Person Go In The Chest If You Press At The Same Time You Will Get Double!
Single player: Put Two Different Items in a chest e.g. Dirt and Diamond Press Them Both At The Same Time The First Item In The Chest You Will Get Two Of.
Submitted by: Atuatu on July 11, 2013