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Frogbert Cheats

Frogbert cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.

Frogbert Unlockables

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UnlockableHow to unlock
100 MetersScored 100 meters in Long Leapin'
20 MetersScored 20 meters in Long Leapin'
50 MetersScored 50 meters in Long Leapin'
Bouncy LegsJump more
Coin CollectorCollect more coins
Coin GrabberCollect coins
Coin StackerCollect more coins
Completed 10Complete 10 challanges
Completed 30Complete 30 challenges
Curious FrogWhat's in those treasure chests?
Fly ChewerEat flies
Fly MuncherEat more flies
Good AimingDo a perfect landing on the flower
Great AimingDo more perfect landings on the flower
Jumpy LegsJump, jump!
PerfectionistDo more perfect landings on the flower
Restless LegsJump more
Spider LickerHit 200 spiders with the frog's tongue
Three-starred 15Get three stars in 15 challenges
Three-starred 30Get three stars in 30 challenges
Three-starred 50Get three stars in 50 challenges
Submitted by: anonymous on April 10, 2012