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Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Cheats

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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Unlockable Bonuses
UnlockableHow to unlock
Anima Mercurycomplete the game x 3 with S rank or complete all 10 stages in a single run with an S rank
Rusalkan Corpsecomplete the game with an C rank
Sephirothic Fruitcomplete with an B rank
Wing Tallsmancomplete with an A rank
Yamatocomplete the game with an S rank or finish the game to get the Devil Blade
Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dante (investigator)complete the game as Nero
Unlockable Mode
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bloody Palacecomplete the game in Heaven or Hell mode
Mission Skipcomplete he game once
Heaven or Hell ModeBeat the game on Devil Hunter Mode
Hell and Hell ModeBeat the game on Heaven or Hell Mode