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Clash of Clans Tips

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How To Attack Successfully
The best way to attacking sucessfully is to use a combination of archers and Giants. Giant are great because they cause lots of damage, while archers are great because they can shoot arrows over walls, without having to knock them down. Firstly, deploy all the Giants together. Then deploymsome of the archers, making sure they are spread out. If all the archers are being killed in one area, deploy some more. This is why you don't deploy all the archers at once, so you have backups if all else fails. I have about a 95% success rate with this method of attacking.
Submitted by: chocolate110 on January 16, 2015
How To Build A Good Defence
1. Put the gold mines and elixir collectors on the outside. Attackers won't collect much loot from them.
2. Put walls around your loot if you want to protect it.
3. Make sure your town hall is in the middle.
4. Put bombs and spring traps around the edge. This will destroy some of the troops, depending on how many the attacker are using to attack.
5. Put most of the defences close to the town hall.
This works for me.
Submitted by: chocolate110 on January 16, 2015
1) Join Clan: will get you to earn more stuffs to complete other players
2) Protect the homeland: leave a troop at your village, be prepare for a sudden attack.
Submitted by: anonymous on August 27, 2012